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[edit] Story so far...


Historic timeline (events throughout history)

[edit] Prologue

(February 29)

DancingKids' package
Packages including memorabilia related to the 1920 Summer Olympics are delivered to a number of people around the world. Contained inside are postcards, a poster and a ball of yarn. Written on the backs of the postcards are the following messages:

March 3, 2008
Find her...

March 4, 2008??
Find the others...

March 5, 2008??
Find him...

March 11, 2008??
Find the secret...

August 24, 2008
Save the world.

Inside the ball of yarn is a piece of paper that includes a reference to All the website contains at this point, however, is a message to Ariadne explaining that the site is being worked on, and should be up first thing Monday morning... signed, "Kai"

[edit] Chapter 1: Find her...

(through March 3) goes live on the 3rd of March, to reveal the blog of a woman named Ariadne. Through a series of posts, she explains her unusal situation.

On the 12th February, Ariadne awakes finding herself in the centre of a corn maze (labyrinth) near Johannesburg, South Africa. She's wearing blindfold-like goggles and stretchy workout clothes. On her arm is a tattoo which reads "trovu la ringon perditan", Esperanto for "find the lost ring". Discovered alone in the maze with no memory, she's taken to a hospital where she spends a week under watchful eyes. The doctors' analysis shows there's nothing wrong with her, other than having an extremely rare amnesia, and a body in excellent Olympic-caliber condition.

While in the hospital, Ariadne meets Kai, a San Francisco based "technology whiz kid" on an adventure holiday. Fascinated with her story, he takes her under his wing. Before leaving Johannesburg, he sets her up with a month's rent and a laptop computer. He also sets up her blog and website, and suggests more features will be added.

Since being found, the same recurring dreams plague her each night. In the first dream, she relives the moment she awoke in the labyrinth, but the second is something new. She finds herself surrounded by five other pairs of blindfold goggles, and picks them up one by one. By the time she has all six pairs she is finally calm again. She thinks this may be a message, maybe from her subconscious memory.

Finally she shares a video blog, summing up the other entries. There have been absolutely no leads as to her identity or history, friends or family. She asks whether anyone recognises her, and if they have any ideas to let her know.

...( Read the detailed list of events )

[edit] Chapter 2: Find them...

(March 3 - March 5)

Scouring the internet, from youtube to social networking sites for non-English speakers, we found others who were also seeking help figuring out who they are and why they woke up with tattoos they do not understand. We find the homepages of Markus, Diego, MeiHui, Lucie, and Noriko. They've all awoken in labyrinths of different sizes or styles. We help them get in contact with each other, but the language barrier proves difficult.

We dig deeper into the circumstances of their awakenings, and find out more details about the attire each wore when they woke up - various kinds of blindfolds, athletic clothing, shoes. They're having dreams, of curves, lines, patterns. Ariadne discovers she is quite adept at learning T'ai Chi - surprisingly so; mastering over a hundred poses in less than a week. Doing a little research reveals that her skill can be attributed to 'kinesthetic memory' - muscle memory (she doesn't remember anything, but her body remembers what it's good at).

Someone named Larissa leaves a message on Ariadne's blog, saying she knew a person four years ago, Renata, who was also an amnesiac on a strange mission. Renata went missing, and now all Larissa has of Renata's is a necklace.

...( Read the detailed list of events )

[edit] Chapter 3: Find him...

(March 5 - March 10)

Ariadne suggests doing more research on the Olympic Games. So we look at the Official Olympic Games site. Mostly innocuous-looking... but what's that on the lower left-hand corner? A banner linking to a podcast series on "The Lost Games: Ancient Olympic Mysteries." Perhaps the The Lost Sport of Olympia have something to do with the Lost Ring...

The Lost Games site turns out to be full of intriguing ancient trivia. But what's even more intriguing is the FAQ with historian Eli Hunt, especially the last item:

Q: How do I find the lost ring?
A: For the last time, I have no idea what you're talking about.

It is clear that this man knows more than he lets on. For example the 6 Amnesiacs suddendly remembered one word each (Sofia, Thumos, Chariton, Dikaiosune, Sophrosune, Mythopoeia) which are the six attributes of the The Ancient Game Keepers (Agonethetai). We plead with him to tell us more. At first he denies knowing anything about the matter, and even after we explain to him about the six amnesiacs he refuses to do more than hint that the mystery is too dangerous to look into.

But he does let slip that he has an upcoming lecture in Cardiff. Ariadne jumps on this information as an opportunity to confront Mr. Hunt in person (see trailer III). She succeeds in persuading Mr. Hunt to share his secret-- which leads us to the omphaputer.

...( Read the detailed list of events )

[edit] Chapter 4: Find the secret...

(March 11 - March 12)

(screenshot adjusted for visibility)
Having convinced Eli to share his research with Ariadne, he comes to acknowledge that there is a growing community of people who are fervently dedicated to helping Ariadne. After completing his lecture in Cardiff and releasing his third podcast about "The Omphalos Code", he releases a hidden podcast, a confession entitled "The Secret Artifact". In it, he describes a small bronze statue he discovered in his research - but shares for the first time that it wasn't just a statue.

Inside was a piece of paper on which was written a message, in English. He kept this paper to himself. "When the time comes, there will be no more time..." it started. "As you wait for the six, " it later said, "you can build a House of Salomon." This is what Eli has been doing with his years of research. He sent an email to those he'd conversed with including a link to the "omphaputer" - a secret website located at

The secret website is analyzed to pieces. It contains a rotating globe of dots of varying shades from blue to white. A prompt appears if a key is pressed, and soon a list of possible commands is made. The command "Agonothetai" indicates that a code needs to be entered with a biostat to 'authenticate'. Using information Monica shared about her uncle's findings, the number 696 was found to be important - this year being the 696th 4-year olympiad period since the first Greek olympics. Using the attributes the six saw in their visions with the suffix "696" indicates that a biostat is still required - the ring finger length and the resting heart rate. After asking the six for these stats, each were authenticated and became 'active'.

Monica's story about her uncle' grandfather, and the postcard left behind for her appears to Larissa very similar to what she knows of Renata, having also written on the backs of postcards with numbers and words. She shares her feeling that Renata may be, or may have been, attempting to retrieve a "codex" of the lost ring.

...( Read the detailed list of events )

[edit] Chapter 5: Recover the Codex...

(March 13 - March 17)

The colored dots on the omphaputer are omphalos locations. The first omphalos location that has been discovered was STEPHENVILLE in Newfoundland. Typing STEPHENVILLE into the omphaputer led to the navigation instruction 20478 Scorpio 24 degrees. - an ancient way of navigating descriped in Eli's third podcast. Finally this led to CARDIFF's city hall. Ariadne herself went there to pickup the first chapter of the Codex of the lost ring. Each omphalos location leads to two artifact locations

This Codex was written by Jorge's group in the beginning of the 20th century and the chapters have been hidden all over the world - 27 chapters in total. It is some kind of manual explaining what the mission of the six allies is about. Soon new omphalos and artifact locations have been identified, leading to more chapters, which could be also downloaded from the omphaputer.

Eli Hunt gives some clues about the origin of the secret site. Years ago he found the book The Wisdom of the Ancients and New Atlantis by Sir Francis Bacon in the National Library of Athens. Handwritten notes about "waveforms" led to the IP of the secret site (Omphaputer).

Summary of the Codex of the lost ring (Ch.1 - Ch.4):

Jorge's six have hidden the codex to help following groups of Agonothetai to fulfill their mission (see Codex-Intro). The six amnesiacs seem to be the actual group of Agonethetai.

The Six Ancient Strengths of the agnoethethai are described. The 6 Travellers explain how they arrived in this world similar to Ariadne and the others, how they finally met and that they discovered their mission: "Initiate your world with the lost traditions of the labyrinth and athletic synchronization, and restore a network of omphaloi" to save the worlds.

They soon found out, that the ancient Agonethetai did not exist anymore and that the ancient Olympics were also lost in our world. Nevertheless they were optimistic, because they found so many existing labyrinths here. Even though athletic synchronisation seems crucial for saving the worlds, they did fail in constructing new Agonethetai, but helped in setting up the modern Olympic Games. Finally our Amnesiacs have now the mission to establish new Agonethetai, who are capable of building labyrinths and training the lost sport. These new Agonethetai will be "Ring Leaders" and it seems that the Amnesiacs are The Secret Ringmaster

Finding space for the labyrinth is one part of the mission. There are three kinds of labyrinths, a 3-circuit training labyrinth, a 5-circuit labyrinth and a 7-circuit Official Olympic labyrinth. The labyrinths should be hidden in plain sight.

...( Read the detailed list of events )

[edit] Chapter 6: Discover your strength...

(March 18 - March 23)

A new mysterious command for the omphaputer has been discovered: Typing "RUN GRAPH" will bring up a graph with Schroedingers Equation at the top. What is the meaning of this graph? There is a drop in the lines 1815 - what happened at this time? The graph changes from time to time, especially around the year 2008. What does it mean?

Because of the ancient strengths described in the Codex and the six attributes of the agonethetai from Eli's podcast, Ariadne came up with the idea to set up some kind of Personality Test, to find out what Ancient Strength each one has and what kind of agonethetai each one is. Unfortunately in the codex are only 11 groups of 3 questions, which would not fit to 6 strengths. But Eli helped out by sending an email with another image of Bacon's book, including handwritten notes of the missing questions. Finally Kai built an online version of the test, which can be found on each blog of the Amnesiacs.

In the meantime two new artifact locations (Sydney and Brussels) have been identified. But there was one mysterious incident. The Brussel artifact was lost. It was reported as recovered, but no one came up with the recovery code. What happened?

Summary of the Codex of the lost ring (Ch.5):

It is explained how labyrinths have to be set up and that the Dikaiosune are responsible for the whole process. Curiously the chapter is titled Preparing The Human Labyrinth. Why human?

...( Read the detailed list of events )

[edit] Chapter 7: We're not alone...

(March 24 - March 27)

Someone broke into Ariadne's room, stole the Cardiff artifact and left a warning note on a postcard:

Who is Theo? How is he involved in the story? Is he the bad guy? - And, it seems that he is not alone.

Finally one of our group went to Brussels. He did not find the artifact but somebody left a message. This person wanted to contact Ariadne, but never did so. What happened to him and the artifact? Does Theo have something to do with it? Fortunately, the message contained the recovery code, so that at least the chapter could be downloaded from the omphaputer.

To get more information about Jorge and the agonethetai from the past, Monica tried to get into her aunt's house. Everybody hoped that she would find more clues in her uncle's papers. She convinced her suspicious aunt and finally made it into the house. She didn't find anything interesting - mainly because she had no idea what she should be looking for.

Besides the Brussels artifact three new Codex chapters have been found in Vancouver, Tokyo and Johannesburg.

Summary of the Codex of the lost ring (Ch.6 - Ch.8):

Now there is an answer to the question why the labyrinth is called "human labyrinth". We now know How to create the walls. The walls are formed with athlete's bodies. Because normally there are not so many athletes available as needed for the complete labyrinth, the wall has to move with the runner. There are several rules for the wall, e.g. the wall should hum to help the runner but is not allowed to touch or direct the runner.

Additional rules for the runner While running in the labyrinth are provided. For example, the runner has to start in the centre, has to run blindfolded with arms folded across the chest. There are some reasons for disqualifying the runner. The Sophrosune are responsible for the identification and announcement of disqualifiers and the Thumos train athletes and are best runners themselves.

And finally some reason for performing the lost sport is revealed. There is a connection between Doors and Parallel Paths. If all athletes across the many worlds perform the run in perfect synchronicity doors between the worlds will open up allowing communication and movement between the worlds. So we have to deal with many worlds not just the earth. We have to save the worlds.

...( Read the detailed list of events )

[edit] Chapter 8: Uniting and training...

(March 28 - April 3)

Eli explains in his new podcast the difference between a maze and a labyrinth. The Labyrinth must have a special meaning, because finding one's way out of a labyrinth is not that difficult. He believes that the ancient myths about "Theseus" is not about escaping a labyrinth but could be a hint on how to build one.

Markus has decided to work together with Ariadne. Together, they suggest: Let's play the lost sport. Ariadne wants us to learn the rules and register the training events. Ariadne suggested people start to organizing and practicing labyrinth training events.

At the same time the amnesiacs are uniting, Eli left Cardiff to pursue a research lead in South America. What, exactly, has Mr. Hunt gone off to investigate?

Markus explains what happened in the first days after he woke up in York in his diary. How he was found by a man named Jack and how he met Emily, a girl who helped him in the first days. Lucie had a strange dream. She was standing in a stadium in Paris and saw a stone with the inscription "17794 Hestia 4 degrees, " which according to the Omphalos code leads more or less to Jerusalem. Diego has in the meantime started Trip to brasil to investigate earthquakes in this region. He also started to walk labyrinths. During his walks Diego had visions about South America sinking into the ocean.

Several more chapters of the codex have been found in Buenos Aires, Seoul, Sao Paolo, and San Francisco. Some of them were inside an envelope from the Western Maryland Railway Company.

Summary of the Codex of the lost ring (Ch.9 - Ch.12):

In 480BC the lost sport was forbidden, most labyrinths were destroyed and the agonethetai were abolished. But a secret society of former agonethetai continued. To avoid being found they started to change the walls From stone to human so the labyrinths could be built everywhere without leaving a trace after the run.

Synchronizing a labyrinth precisely at one place across several worlds is problematic. Especially because Parallel Geography is not that easy. A specific location on our world could be on a totally different location on another world, even in the ocean or at some other unconvienient place. To achieve maximum linking, one world normally runs labyrinths at six different locations, so that each of them is linking at least to one other world.

There are Many Worlds. Each time a decision is made reality split up into two branches. There will be one world with the one decision (e.g. yes) and one world with the opposite decision (e.g. no). There are mainly two factors why parallel worlds differ from each other. The first factor is the human history, based on the decision each human makes. The second factor is the geological history, based on the "decisions" of the earth and different movements of the earth' crust. Therefore some parallel worlds have a totally different continent structure than our world.

Pan-Cosmologie, a lost science in our world, deals with those different continental structures. There are six types of worlds: Gaea (our world), Pangaea, Neo-Pangaea, Gondwana, Nuna and Kenorland.

...( Read the detailed list of events )

[edit] Chapter 9: Warnings...

(April 3 - April 8)

After we informed Monica about the Western Maryland Railway Company she went back to her aunt's house and found an envelope among her uncle's documents. Inside she found several maps and a second postcard, again with 6 coordinates. With the information of the found chapters and this second postcard it was possible to solve the mystery of the postcard coordinates.

Markus went back to the Cardiff City Hall, where the first chapter of the codex was found. He investigated the place and found a painting with the title Hercules and Omphale. Markus thinks that we perhaps missed something at the artifact locations, something like a second story.

Larissa recieved good and bad news. The good news is that Renata is still alive. She is seen on a photo taken in Hollywood. The bad news: On the back of the photo was a message from Theo:
Renata didn't disappear
She just didn't want you involved
Stay out of it

But Larissa was not the only person that received a warning. Noriko arrived in San Francisco and met some of our group. And she had also reveived a postcard. On this postcard somebody scratched the following message:
Noriko if this happens in 2008 it will be your fault
Stop now
Has Theo sent this message? Or are there even more people involved?

And finally the chapters we found in Sao Paolo and Copenhagen warned us of a much bigger danger. A danger that has been known before but is now the The Lost Theory of Pangaea.

Summary of the Codex of the lost ring (Ch.13 - Ch.14):

Pan-cosmologists wondered why there are only six types of worlds. They observed, that the major group are Pangaea wolds, and the smallest number of worlds have a Gaea or Neopangaea form. But then they noticed that the number of Neopangaea world was significantly rising wheras all others, except Pangaea, have been reduced. But then in 1726 they proposed the theory of Rapid Continental Change (RCC). They think that RCC is a natural way to synchronize the geographical history and to reduce the number of parallel exisiting worlds. And The Danger of Neo-Pangaea is that reality tends to rearrange worlds by RCC into the state of Neopangaea.
That is necessary because there is The limit of many worlds, a maximum number on how many worlds reality can support simultaneously. There is a theory that if this upper limit is reached all worlds will collapse back into one world. This effect of "restarting the multiverse" is called "Elastic reaction" (ER). To avoid this, reality continously reunites similar worlds. But because of the free will in human history our decisions lead to a rapidly increasing of the total number of worlds. RCC is a method reality uses to avoid ER and the chance of RCCs is much higher if the number of worlds reach the upper limit.

...( Read the detailed list of events )

[edit] Chapter 10: Contacting Eli...

(April 9 - April 14)

The Cariton got a new mission: Get Eli Hunt to email you back!. Ariadne wants to know what Eli is doing in South America and he does not answer emails to the six Amnesiacs.

In the meantime Markus decided to leave Great Britain for a while. He also mentioned that he knows who Theo is, but he gave no detailled information about his planned trip or his suspicion regarding Theo's identity.

Again there was some trouble with an Artifact. The Hong Kong artifact was destroyed by the person who picked it up. Why? Has Theo something to do with this? Fortunately a picture has been taken from the the recovery code of the artifact, but it was a very blurry picture. Nevertheless a group of us managed it to recover the code. Even though the original artifact is probably lost forever it was at least possible to download the chapter from the Omphaputer.

Finally Eli emailed back to some persons. He fears the "Counter-Agonethetai" (CA) and he thinks the CA "persuade agonothetai to join forces with them on their counter-mission". Nevertheless he believes that we have to join them to get information about their plans and motivation and to stop them: "Theo won't win again!"

Besides the recovered Hong Kong Artifact chapters have been found in Singapore, Toronto and New York City.
Summary of the Codex of the lost ring (Ch.15 - Ch.18):

The Prophecy is about the continents crashing together: "In the future, the world comes together, except that today, the world comes together." Additionally an instruction is provided how to design a new olympic sign by drawing circles around the continents that do not intersect.

Even though many people follow a routine, being each day on almost the same place at the same time, their body posture is a little bit different than that of the their parallel selves. On the other side it is possible to perfectly move your body like an olympic athlete and align with your parallel selves. In such a moment two things would happen. First, splitted worlds could be reunited and second, the memories, thoughts and ideas will jump from one you to the other you. So Athletic Alignment will expand personal experience and will help to reduce the number of worlds.

Constructing exactly similar buildings across the many worlds is almost impossible because the small pieces the building is build of will probably be not exactly the same. It is much easier to use a self-regulating system inside a human-beeing. There is a great chance that if you search worldwide a runner is found, who can achieve perfect alignment. After the big catastrophe in 1815 the Multiworld Athletic Committee worked hard to set up the Multversal Olympics. Our world was not part of the Multiversal Olympic when Jorge's group arrived. Nevertheless they are very optimistic that our modern Olympic Games could be used by the other worlds for sychronization, even though our world is not aware of the importance of the games.

The agonethetai of the other worlds recite The Oath:
All of the parallel worlds are equally real.
But one is the original world, the world from which history was born, the world from which is the source of all assembled knowledge.
The original world is the true unique omphaloi, the navel of reality itself.
There the Oracle of Delphi first acquired vision.
There the Oracle of Delphi brought about the first who saw the many, the first who saw the six, the first who witnessed the bloodshed.
We will protect the one true omphaloi against the change, by means of the glory of our sport, and the honor of our teams.
We convene in the spirit of unity. We rescued the one to save the many.
As one circle of athletes we celebrate the world, for the celebration of all the worlds.

...( Read the detailed list of events )

[edit] Chapter 11: Memories of a Parallel World...

(April 14 - April 17)

The World Activity Monitor became active. The monitor shows Twitter messages, Flickr photos, Youtube videos, and Upcoming events that are tagged lostring.

Markus arrived in Dubai. He thought he has seen Theo at the airport in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Markus wants to make new friends in this area.

Lucie also arrived in Middle East. She is now in Isreal and organized a labyrinth run in Jerusalem.

Diego thinks he has seen Eli Hunt in Buenos Aires.

Knowing of "Athletic Alignment" Ariadne performed her own "Personal Labyrinth". And she had a strange vision: A parallel Ariadne and a parallel Eli working together on the secret of the Lost Ring. In this vision the parallel Ariadne uses a new command on the Omphaputer: "MAKE OMPH KNOT". Running this command on the omphaputer will make the dots whirl around and finally lead to a white screen with the message: "omph knot creation completed". What is happening? What exactly is an omph knot? All this is still mysterious.

Two new chapters has been found in Paris and Berlin.

Summary of the Codex of the lost ring (Ch.19 - Ch.20):

On some of the many worlds are Parallel Selves of you. There is a rite that allows you to synchronize with them. This rite is called "Personal Labyrinth". Even though personal labyrinths could not save the worlds they help to prepare the many worlds for a bigger synchronization event. Therefore, many people in the many worlds walk their personal labyrinth in the twelve weeks before the Multiversal Olympics. These are the rules:
  • Choose a non-human labyrinth (stone, plants, clew, ...)
  • Sign in your name, your location and the place and date of your personal labyrinth in the labyrinth register. (We do not know where or what this could be!)
  • Identify your world-creating moment - a life-changing personal decision which you made during the last four years.
  • Prepare a scroll with the drawing of a diagramm that includes the decicision you have faced on the top and arrows to the possible decisions you have taken here and in parallel worlds.
  • Carry this scroll during your labyrinth walk from the outside in and than outwards again.
  • If you have visions, write them down and share them with your family and friends.

The Ancient Greek already knew of the many worlds. They have set up sacred stones - ompholoi - in many temples. Most people today believe they have been used for communicating with gods. But a few know the Secrets of the Omphaloi: They were used for the communication with the many worlds. The most important ompholoi were at the site of Delphi. Delphi is build upon two faults forming a knot of geological instablitiy. Long time ago a RCC happened and the epicentrum was directly beneath Delphi. The oracle of Delphi was the reason the Greek know of RCC - they had visions of the many worlds. And finally, this was the reason the Greek set up their own synchronization event: The Ancient Olympic Games.

...( Read the detailed list of events )

[edit] Chapter 12: Suspicions...

(April 18 - April 21)

Theo's plan to work against the Six seems to work a little bit at least. The amnesiacs start to distrust each other or other involoved characters. This mistrust can really endanger the Codex mission.

Markus was the first one who belives that he knows Theo. He wrote in an email that "one of us is a traitor".

MeiHui has her own theory who is Theo?. She belives that Theo might be a group and that they/he even eventually want to help the amnesiacs.

Diego things that Eli Hunt is Theo. Like already mentioned, Diego thinks he saw him in Buenos Aires, where Eli tried to ignore him and to get away.

Monica believes Diego is wrong and that Theo might be probably one of the six or even some kind of group. She asks Diego: "Why, why did you do it? Are you hiding us something too?"

Larissa thinks that Kai is the true identity of Theo. The reason is that she thinks Renata is in San Francisco with Theo and that Kai is now also in SF. Kai also was in South Africa when Ariadne woke up.

Noriko wonders: is six is the number? She believes that every 4 years one of the six is a Counter-Agonethetai and that 5 is the correct team size (like the 5 olympic rings). She additionally thinks that Markus might be suspicious, because he was in Cardiff during the burglary in Ariadne's room.

Besides all those suspicions, a new tool was developed by Kai: The PanCosmologizer. With this tool it should be possible to solve the parallel geographies.

No new artifacts has been found.

...( Read the detailed list of events )

[edit] Chapter 13: La Sekto...

(April 22 - April 28)

Players have organized a new group, La Sekto, which aim is to establish a communication with Theo. First they developed a modified Bacon Code which could be used to hide messages in the source code of html pages. Now the problem was how to inform Theo about this plan. The solution was to leave a note on one of the artifact pick-up locations. The next possibility was London. The person who did the pick up, left a note pointing at a hidden message in Ariadne's blog.

Mei Hui has plans to travel to New York. A new friend of her, Thermantia, came up with this idea. Who is Thermentia? Is it coincidence that Thermantia was the name of Theodosius I, the Roman Emperor who canceled the Olympic games in the year 393? Or is Thermantia connected with Theo?

The suspicions regarding Theo's identity went on. Monica suspects Diego calling her aunt. Is distrusting Diego the reason why Monica starts her own blog?

Besides London, where La Sekto left a note for Theo, new artifacts have been found in Melbourne and Okayama.
Summary of the Codex of the lost ring (Ch.21 - Ch.23):

The ancient Greek oracle was used to see the many worlds, but the Greek saw also scary Visions. The Agonethetai tried to prevent terrible things that might happen, like the old catastrophe 500 BC and the new catastrophe in 1815. The oracles' scientists watched how worlds world return into the state of Neopangaea. After the first catastrophe the Agaonethai guarded our world for centuries, but due to the repression of the Roman Empire already at the beginning of the 19th century the second catastrophe happened. Again they tried to intervene, but too many important worlds are not part of the allied circle. Micha, one of Jorge's six, has visions of the destruction of worlds.

The majority of omphaloi are similar like the Delphi omphalos - a dome-shaped stone chiselled to appear net-covered. But this Delphi omphalos is not the first original omphalos. It replaced the original one in the 4th century BC. The original one was an aerolite stone, fell out of the sky, covered with a woven net called argenon. The original Design of the Omphalos seems to be an encoded message. The net could mean labyrinths (snake-like and circular) and the stone itself could mean the earth (the Delphi temple was initially created as a sacred place for Gaea, the earth).
Design instructions
Find or create a rock in the shape of a dome (cupola) or egg-shaped (ovoid) sphere.
Cover the surface with circular, interconnected lines.
The lines should go in a circle, unbroken, and irregularly spaced.
The lines should "interigxigu" (intersect?) at least 27 times, creating 27 knots.
The lines should cross the largest part of the surface area – ideally, 85% or more.

Mulitversal Travel is possible, like the amnesiacs had done. You wake up in another world remembering almost nothing. Human travel between worlds need bigger coordination which could not be achieved with personal or athletic labyrinths. The only possibiliy is each 4 year during the multiversal olympic games. But ordinary labyrinths or omphalos are not enough. A omphalos in the scale of the muliverse itself is needed - which probably means to make an earth size omphalos, with 27 large (city-scaled) labyrinths:
one rock
one net
at least 27 knots.

...( Read the detailed list of events )

[edit] Chapter 14: Personal and City Labyrinths...

(April 29 - May 3)

After learning about the Personal Labyrinths from the Codex, several of the Amnesiacs tried their own Personal Labyrinth to learn more about themselves and their former life.

After her Personal Labzrinth Larissa wants to find Renata.

Mei Hui has strange dreams after her Personal Labyrinth, but it seems that she finally found something regarding her parallel selves (unfortunately we still miss the translation of all the Mandarin).

Knowing that Multiversal Travel is possible, Ariadne came up with the idea that the 28 knots that are needed for an earth-sized omphalos could be City Labyrinths like the Philadelphia Labyrinth found by Monica at her Uncle's room. So probably we need to design such City Labyrinths, but in which cities?

A new artifact was found in Brest.
Summary of the Codex of the lost ring (Ch.24):

Even if an Earth-Omphalos was designed Muliversal Travel is not easy. To navigate exactly to the world you want a special technique is necessary: Navigating with flares. The travelling person is automatically transported to the place with the highest human synchronization activity by many thousands of people. If this is not perfectly working you might still end up in a very similar world than your original.The coordination could be more easy if you have a two way communicationg omphalos. If only one way communication is available you have to observe and study the target world to synchronize with some events on this world. Some help could be Ariadne's Dance but this chapter is very unclear about the role of this dance.

...( Read the detailed list of events )

[edit] Chapter 15: First Contacts...First Losses...

(May 4 - May 9)

Thermentia, the suspicious "friend" of Mei Hui, replied to several people who tried to contact her. In her mails she is pointing to the History of antiquity website. On this site there is a text about History_of_Antiquity/Study_History. Deeper analysis of the text, especially the source, revealed a hidden text encrypted with La Sekto's Bacon Code:

While people are trying to get in contact with Theo through that email, Markus runs in trouble. Was he blackmailed by TheO or did he joined their side like TheO write on Markus' blog. Again there is a hidden "bacon'd message" inside the blog text:

And a second person we know is on Theo's side. James, a friend of Kai, who was seen on a San Francisco Training event, has wriiten a stange email. Seems like, James is a member of TheO.

Lucie has her own suspicions, who Theo is: She's thinking that, as there are 6 people trying to synchronize the labyrinth, there may be also 6 others people trying to prevent that from happening. She based her though on Newton 3rd law of motion which state that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Noriko had done a Personal Labyrinth and she had a vision of examiners testing her for the mission. Unfortunately she couldn't understand them. They spoke a strange language.

Diego found out nothing important related to the mission during his Personal Labyrinth, just that he was very proud of being part of the mission and that he has a wife and a children.

Finally Theo replied! He wrote several people different emails. All with the adivce to study history. Was this a hint to the History of antiquity page. Yes, there was an update about New Princedoms and again there was a bacon'e message hidden inside:

A task from Theo and our chance to get inside Theo's organisation and to ger more information about Theo's plans.

...( Read the detailed list of events )

[edit] Chapter 16: Ariadne danced too much...

(May 12 - May 19)

Eli sent us an email that Ariadne is behaving very strange. She was found at his office, crying and even has to be forced out of the room. What happened? Ariadne started to run personal labyrinths over and over again. It seems like she become obsessed with her parallel selves, which has not choosen to take the mission. She belives those Ariadnes were happier. Things even get woser with time. Finally Ariadne belived that she is dangerous and that she killed many people on parallel worlds by running those labyrinths. Have we lost our Diakosune?

Theo emailed his first mission: Uninitiation. Two partners from distanced locations have to team up for Theo Mission Teams. They have to work out unusal tasks for each other and try to desynchronize by performing these unusal tasks.

Noriko posted a video trying to reproduce the "unknown language" of the examiners. Of course the language was Esperanto and they said something like: ""However, her family is not trustworthy. What would happen if she followed the same path as her brother? We don't have a choice. Practically all of the other worlds sent her. We cannot risk becoming a (strange?) world." So Noriko has a brother which probably joined Theo.

Monica found more postcards. But she only want to share them with people she trusts.

Markus escaped. During his captivity he was forced to run labyrinths, but with no outcome.

Kai took over Ariadne's blog. He wants to bring James back on the right track and turn a bad guy into a good guy. His plan is to force James into doing personal labyrinths to see his good parallel selves. Will this work after Markus' unsucessful forced labyrinths?

Eli Hunt has had an long chat about Ariadne's Dance and the Earth-omphalos. We have to set up 27 city-sized labyrinths all over the world. But in which cities?. It seems that Theo knows the correct locations.

...( Read the detailed list of events )

[edit] Chapter 17: Diloo...

(May 20 - May 28)

A first Theo mission team completed their task. Theo rewarded them with a strange document which should belong to the first Counter-Agonethetai, one of the six that was left behind in 1920. The document was a comic with a puzzle on it leading to the following words:
Batylus seems to be another word for omphalos. A omphalabyrinth is a knot on the earth-omphalos needed for multiversal travel. But what is DILOO??

Nevertheless it led to a new Omphaputer command: "BAETYLUSDILOO/OMPHALABYRINTH" revealing more information about how omphalabyrinths has to be designed. Kai posted a message from Eli about how to make an omphalabyrinth and Eli also emailed further information.

One important thing is to track the omphalabyrinths. Kai suggested to use Tracksticks. So everybody who is in a knot city should immediately apply for a trackstick. Unfortunately we still do not know which cities are knot cities.

Larissa performed her Personal Labyrinth in L.A.. She had a vision of her and Renate in some city and that they have been fled from a man hunting on them.

Lucie reports about her exciting journey to Iran

Strange emails from Couberteam arrived. What or who is the Couberteam?

Finally nothing new from Ariadne. She does not reply to anybody, even though Larissa, Diego, MeiHui, Monica and Noriko immediately reacted and tried to cheer her up.

Therefore, Eli will fly back to Cardiff to look after Ariadne. He will soon publish a new podcast about the Lost Rings, which seems to be hidden by TheO. He also summarizes our actual tasks:
- to recover the 3 missing pages of the codex
- to become champion human labyrinth players so we can compete with worlds where the sport is not lost,
- to make the omph knot by creating city-sized labyrinths, and
- to reconnect the paths that have taken the agonothetai and counter-agonothetai so far apart from each other.

...( Read the detailed list of events )

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