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// Kai (May 15)
In response to the chat Mr.Judkins had with James:
me: Eli! You're online! I've just had a response from James.

Eli: [mr.judkins]

me: Forwarding now. I have also tracked down a member of the community helping the six in Cardiff - if we can find out where Ariadne is, he his happy to go assist her in any way he can.

Eli: Thank you for forwarding the message from a member of the counter agonothetai. I'm surprised they are operating out in the open. They must be very confident that we are failing in our mission.

me: James revealed himself just recently, and they are openly recruiting from our community - using a stenography method that we developed and handed to them.

Eli: I am eager to talk to someone about an impending opportunity.

me: I'm all ears  :)

Eli: Something in one of the codex chapters jogged my memory. The chapter about creating labyrinths on the scale of the earth itself.

me: To allow for multiversal travel...? An Earth-Omphalos?

Eli: Yes, the Earth-Omphalos. According to my research, military exercises similar to labyrinth patterns were carried out annually across the Hellenistic States, in the weeks preceding the Summer Solstice, which was for many the start of the ancient New Year.

If our goal is to create a portal to other worlds by making giant labyrinth-knots, it would seem that the best time to do so is imminent, for it would not only increase our omphalos strength, but also potentially create opportunities for synchronisation.

me: June 21st?

Eli: That is, if the military exercises are still carried out in the form of large-scale labyrinth making, perhaps for civic exercises these days. There is evidence that in Ancient Greece, the military labyrinth later became a popular festival dance in the summer months.

Yes, June 21.

me: Ariadne's dance.

Eli: Yes, which is also mentioned in the Codex.

me: Indeed. A number of the community have been researching the dance. And have found a number of websites, and videos of current manifestations.

Eli: As I understand it, once we have restored the Earth-Omphalos, athletic synchronisation occurs at a much higher speed of transmission.
This matches the ancient calendar of first military training labyrinths, followed by the mass dancing.

The former ties the knots, the latter syncs the worlds rapidly enough to allow for travel eventually.

All we are missing is an omphalos design. To know where to tie the knots.

This leads me to the most important discovery I have made in my investigations here in Argentina, and Sao Paolo, and elsewhere.

I believe that the counter-agonothetai know the omphalos design.

I believe that they have concentrated geographically in the cities that correspond with the knot locations.

I believe they have done this specifically to conduct as much desynchronisation as possible in potential knot cities so as to undermine any efforts to build an omphalos.

If my theory is correct, then we know for sure that certain counter-agonothetai hubs -- such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seoul, Buenos Aires, and Sao Paolo are essential knot cities.

I have said too much perhaps.

me: No, not at all. I didn't want to interrupt you.

Eli: I feel we have two strategies going forward.

The first is to figure out how the counteragonothetai have come to understand the omphalos design, and to get that design from them, or from whatever source they have learned it.

The second, simultaneous, strategy,I believe, is to start making our large-scale labyrinths in the cities we believe are undoubtedly part of the design.

me: This makes a lot of sense. You've certainly named five of the 27. And we know we have allies in San Francisco, LA, Buenos Aries and Sao Paolo
Seoul may be somewhat harder.

Eli: Indeed, the counteragonothetai have a much stronger foothold there than we do.

me: As for finding out more from the counter-Agonothetai, I'm sure you've heard about our current efforts?

Some are a bit concerned by what they are asking our community to do in order to "prove" themselves as allied to desynchronization.

But it seems they will not share information with anyone who does not.

Eli: It seems essential. It is perhaps the only way to access the omphalos design.

me: Is there anything we can do to negate the effects of our own desynchronizing acts to join them?

Eli: I believe that a personal labyrinth to transmit your intention to complete the mission could have the effect of synchronizing other parallel selves to complete it.

Perhaps unconsciously they will be inspired to do something completely out of the ordinary, seemingly random -- not knowing it is the imperative of a parallel self.

me: Perfect, we discussed such an option - it's great to hear you think it may work.
Oh, it also appears that Kai has stepped up to the plate in the current absence of Ariadne. http://www.findthelostring.com/ariadne/detail.do?postId=1586

Eli: Yes. I think it's very important we seek his help in organizing the large scale labyrinths.

Surely there is some technology that will allow us to be extraordinarily precise in tracking agonothetai movements through labyrinths on the scale of the one shown in the old Philadelphia map. Do you know what I'm referring to here?

me: I do. The one that Monica found at her uncle's house.

Eli: I think it will be important to transmit somehow our design through the omphaputer or some kind of registry the exact geographic coordinates of our movements for these labyrinths.

me: I see. So perhaps the omphaputer is able to cross the boundaries between worlds?

And we may find a way to use it for communication?

And the impression I get is that we need to choose our cities, superimpose our own designs upon them a'la Philadelphia and communicate them?

Or am I misunderstanding here?

Eli: Well clearly we need to actually make the labyrinths. Much as the ancient Greeks did with their training exercises.

me: But we need to let the other worlds know WHERE these will be.

Eli: We will need proof that the labyrinths were actually physically traced.

me: Like Jorge & Co's postcards?

Eli: Yes. Perhaps you can work with Kai to plan a strategy for proving and sharing these giant labyrinth paths. We have come a long way since Jorge & Co. We can be more precise.

me: Certainly. I have started communicating with Kai already, and can discuss this with him.

On the subject of Jorge, Monica has four more postcards that she has found. But has not yet revealed their contents. She is very uncertain as to who she can trust.

So to sum up - we need to create giant labyrinths in each of the cities which are part of the omphalos design.

We create these using Ariadne's dance, as per the codex.

Eli: Four more postcards-- fascinating.

me: The cities used in the design are known to the Counter-Agonothetai. and we must discover what they are.

Eli: I believe the dance and the labyrinth making are separate exercises.

As explained above.

me: Okay - getting a little mixed up, sorry - it's a lot to take in!

Eli: One allows for the other to be more effective. I believe this is as the codex describes, and it is certainly the custom to do them separately in ancient times.
Of course. It has taken me years to begin to comprehend these traditions myself.

me: As for monica's new postcards, she has asked for proof of alliance to the six.

So I'll send her videos of our New Zealand Labyrinth Training, and see if Noriko can vouch for me, as Ariadne is still out of commission.

Have you heard anything more of her condition or location?

Eli: None at all. I have no idea where she went. My best guess would be that she would be drawn to larger labyrinths, more powerful omphaloi. If she is truly obsessed with staying in sync with parallel selves.

me: In reading some correspondence people have had with Larissa, it sounds like Renata became obsessed with Labyrinth Running too.

And by your email you've experienced what Ariadne is going through as well?

By what you've said above though, I guess we could potentially draw her out through this process of creating giant labyrinths...

I'm just reading through the latter chapters we have recovered of the codex - I can see hints for the design of the global omphalos (27 knots, etc) but not of how the labyrinths themselves are designed in the cities.

Eli: Yes, I think the Philadelphia map is our best guess -- we may need more information from the counteragonothetai to proceed if we don't have enough from the map and the codex.

Please try to coordinate with Kai., I'm afraid he doesn't like me very much,

me: I will.

Eli: We argued frequently about Ariadne before I left Wales.
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