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[edit] April 20

(translation by unagi (blog) and Rivanor (video))
(blog translation)
For a long time, no teams of six who came to this world with missions have been successful so far. This seems to be why we have been sent to this world. But, what if the reason we haven't been successful is that one of the six becomes a counter-agonothetai and tries to stop the other five? Is this a logical leap ?
(video translation)
[Starts by saying that it's been over a week since she's arrived in San Francisco and has thought about who Theo is, who is helping him, who could be an Counter-Agonothetai.]

- Is there a possibiliy that a C.A. is pretending to be our comrade and lying in our team? Every four years, a team of six has been sent and each time, the team has failed. Is it possible that, each time, one of the 6 is a C.A.?

- The Olympic ring has 5 rings; it is possible that it is a sign that it is supposed to be a team of five that should working together?

- It's unknown why the C.A.s try to stop our mission. One hypothesis (brought up) is that perhaps they do not care about the (other) parallel universes and do not want to have any part with them--that they only care about this universe. Therefore they block the efforts of the team who do try to synchronize with the other worlds.

- Do you remember when Markus first told us Hide and not go where people can see us? But had we done that, we would not have been able to find and get help from people like you and we would have remained isolated.

- When Theo stole the artifact from Ariadne's place, Markus was in Cardiff for some reason.

- He also appeared to suddenly regain his fluency in English and is now going all over the world without saying exactly what he's doing

- I don't want to make any simple conclusions but... what do you all think??"

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