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[edit] Timeline


[edit] Chapter 2: Find them...

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[edit] March 3

via a flickr photo quoting his tattoo, which leads to his profile.
via a truveo video
on Hi5, as well as his google video
on youtube, and her blog that links to it
Markus is thankful for some help, and wants to know how it's known his tattoo is in Esperanto.
She wonders if she has family somewhere, and she describes the labyrinth she awoke in as much larger than Markus's, with 11 loops around it.
She has connected with Diego, both knowing a bit of each others' languages (english and spanish)
He confirms he's contacted Ariadne, and describes his experience waking up: In Buenos Ares, with a black blindfold, black jogging suit, and white t-shirt.
Tells that he was blindfolded and awokes in a maze. Says he was wearing white shorts and a narrow white t-shirt.
Thinks that it's crazy that so many people have the same tattoo and appeared like him. Asked chippy if she saw anything odd on February 12th cause she lives somewhere near him.
She reveived an email from a girl named Larissa who says that a similar story happened four years ago, when another amnesiac girl named Renata suddendly appeared.
  • Ariadne answered celina about shoes she was wearing when she awoke (full text)
  • Ariadne replied to an email from HitsHerMark about connecting with Markus, and working with the community (full text)
  • Meihui responded to questions about what she was wearing from blaqueice (full text)
  • Meihui emailed blaqueice a part of a diary entry she remembers writing (full text)
  • Markus exchanged emails with HitsHerMark, attempting to communicate in english (full text)
Tells that he doesn't know if Markus is his real name. A man found him and took him to York. The man named him Markus, after his dead dog. Tries to learn english.

[edit] March 4

A message to her readers - her life's weird, but she's loving that has so many new friends helping her now. Best theory proposed: she's an olympian, as are the other six people in similar situations as herself. She feels the net step is to find a connection between the "Lost Ring" and the Olympics, starting here. She also made a general to-do list, including info about how she's practicing T'ai Chi Ch'uan (and is quite skilled at it, picking it up instantly) - 108 forms. She links her instant skill with "kinesthetic memory" - muscle memory.
She discusses the fact that she's been connected with the other 6 people like her - Markus, Noriko, MeiHui, Diego, Lucie, and Renata - all with amnesia, waking up a month ago in a labyrinth, tattooed. Larissa described Renata's situation - it happened our years ago for her, but had since disappeared.

  • Markus asks for helps, sharing about himself and situation in his latest video

[edit] March 5

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