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[edit] Ariadne's Dance

  • In Chapter 24 is a reference to Ariadne's Dance:
Our aim is to profit the custom of dancing the labyrinthine dance, as if upon the large floor of Ariadne herself. Each of us six remembers that this custom happens nightly during the first two weeks of August on each of our domestic worlds.
  • Sofia and Sophrosune got a mission to "Figure out if Ariadne's dance really exists."

[edit] Greek Dances

Several references to dances that are connected to Ariadne could be found:
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[edit] Tsakonikos
Greek Dance danced with a mixture of men and women in an open circle [1].
Probably the same as the Geranos Dance [2].
[edit] Ceranos ('Crane')
Snake dance around a horned altar (Keraton).
Described in "Theseus" by Plutarch [3][4]:
On his voyage from Crete, Theseus put in at Delos, and having sacrificed to the god and dedicated in his temple the image of Aphrodite which he had received from Ariadne, he danced with his youths a dance which they say is still performed by the Delians, being an imitation of the circling passages in the Labyrinth, and consisting of certain rhythmic involutions and evolutions. 2 This kind of dance, as Dicaearchus tells us, is called by the Delians The Crane, and Theseus danced it round the altar called Keraton, which is constructed of horns ("kerata") taken entirely from the left side of the head. He says that he also instituted athletic contests in Delos, and that the custom was then begun by him of giving a palm to the victors.
[edit] Ariadne's Dance
Mentioned in the Iliad as having been invented by Daedalus for Ariadne [5].
Sometimes referred as "Game of Troy" or just the "Labyrinth" [6]
Relation to the sun's course in the sky.
Ariadne's dance floor is referenced to be in Knossos [7]

[edit] Our Dance


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