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// Eli Hunt via mail to Lucie (Mai 25/08)
Dear friends of Ariadne,
I apologize that we have not had much conversation until now. I knew from the moment that I met Ariadne that I needed to help her, and I did so in the best way I knew how. In 2004, things turned out very wrong. I took a different path this time, the hidden path, the path alone. It is now time for my path to rejoin all of yours. We can work together again. We must work together again.
I have booked a flight to Cardiff, I am returning to Ariadne immediately. A team cannot function without its dikaiosune. So I have devised a plan to play on Ariadne's strengths. There is one mission for team agonothetai that has nothing to do with labyrinths. A mission to recover the lost ring. The real lost ring. The ring so many people have written to ask me about over the years. The ring that Theo moves across the globe like a restless king on a chess board. Not exactly hidden, but moved constantly to keep it safe, and always protected by pawns who know nothing of its true value.
I have prepared a new podcast about this true lost ring, which I will share with you soon. I must share it with Ariadne first, to bring her on board with this mission.
Now, remember. It is URGENT that the rest of team agonothetai continue with its other primary missions:
- to recover the 3 missing pages of the codex
- to become champion human labyrinth players so we can compete with worlds where the sport is not lost,
- to make the omph knot by creating city-sized labyrinths, and
- to reconnect the paths that have take the agonothetai and counter-agonothetai so far apart from each other.
On this last mission, you may not agree with me. Especially if you have been threatened by Theo in the past, or if you blame Theo for harm that has come to your loved ones. But I am sofia, and therefore it is my strength to recognize true wisdom. Theo may be cultish, and may be misguided in many ways. But in the past few months I have come to believe there is true wisdom driving their counter-mission. It is imperative that we understand their purpose so that we may benefit from their wisdom, even as we reject their mission in favor of ours.
Without our dikaiosune focused on these other missions, we will need to call on all of the other dikaiosune on team agonothetai. Please find among your allies dikaiosune who can use their strengths to make sure these four missions are accomplished.
You may share news of our new mission, as well, with your allies.
Yours sincerely,
Eli Hunt
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