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// Kai (May 14)
In response to momonga:
Hi Tiffany,

I’m glad you’re willing to help.

We need six volunteers minimum for this mission. More could be useful.

I have noticed that every day at 6:30 PM James leaves his office to make phone calls on the roof of the building where he works. He refuses to make these calls while anyone else is around, and the roof is usually empty by that hour.

I believe we can use this pattern to our advantage. We can confront James on the roof, create a personal labyrinth, and force him to align with his parallel selves.

I admit there is some danger in undertaking this mission. We could inadvertently inspire other parallel James to align with this James, creating more parallel bad James instead of converting this one. I look to you for a strategy to prevent that from happening,

Sofia will create a personal labyrinth at the mission site and come prepared with as much background information about TheO as possible.
Thumos will help me seize and restrain James.
Chariton will get into James’ head and convince him that if he’s right, he has nothing to fear by walking the personal labyrinth.
Dikaiosune will oversee the interrogation once we’ve started to weaken James with the labyrinths.
Sophrosune will make sure it doesn’t get out of hand.
Mythopoeia will document it to make sure we have a record of any information we gain.

I will help confront James and guard the location so you can do your work uninterrupted.

We should do this as soon as we can command a team of six, to prevent James from catching wind of the plan.

Please advise me as soon as possible who is available for the mission, and which strength they will represent, and which evenings they are available.

Thanks for your help.

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