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[edit] May 19, 9.11am
I killed them. Not just once. A hundred times. A thousand times. According to the omphaputer, maybe even more than a billion times.
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Eli tried to warn me but I didn't listen. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.
The worlds are changing. Shifting. And it's all because of me.
I saw my parents. I saw my little brother. You don't understand. I finally remembered. I remembered who I am.
But I wasn't supposed to see. They were right. Theo was right. I was supposed to stay blind. By seeing them, I killed them.
I am never going near another labyrinth again.

I learned the hard way. You have to stay blind. Or you will destroy the people you love.
It's not too late for you. Help me warn others.

Tags: personal labyrinths amnesia danger neopangaea

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