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[edit] Monica's Blog

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[edit] Creo que Diego está equivocado (link)

[edit] April 20

He visto el último vídeo que ha subido Diego, y tengo que decir que no
estoy de acuerdo en absoluto. Ayudadme a demostrar que Eli Hunt no
tiene nada que ver con Theo y que está de nuestra parte. Diego, ¿qué te

  • Mónica

(translation by MauroKing)
I have seen the last video that Diego has uploaded, and I have to say that I don't agree with him at all. Help me demonstrate that Eli Hunt does not have anything to do with Theo and that he is on our side. Diego, what's happening with you?

  • Mónica
(video translation)
about her video, she says she thinks the codex are warning us that if we stop doing labyrinths, we will go to a Neopangaea state. She says she doesn't understand why people keep insisting Eli is allied with Theo, because Eli has helped us a lot. She suggest Theo could be a traveller like the six, or even an organization if he has tried to stop the agonothetai for so long. She says she understands Eli trying to discover Theo's reason for doing this, and finishes with this question to Diego:
...Why, why did you do it? Are you hiding us something too?

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[edit] Notes

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