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Hi guys. You know how I was shaken up after receiving that letter with Renata's photo from the USA... from thinking she's with Theo and that he know's where I live. I thought about it a lot, and I think that Theo is Kai. Think with me: Kai lives in San Francisco, which is from where the letter with Renata's photo was sent. But he was in South Africa when Ariadne woke up. And since then he's been an angel fallen from the sky... giving us all this technology... but I think there's a lot more behind all this.
It's not that hard to find out or at least try to know where the travellers will appear every 4 years. They simply will send a lot of people to various labyrinths around the world and wait till the people show up. Because we know they come every 4 years around the same date. And I think that's what happened with Renata. I think there was someone there waiting for her to show up. But I found her first! And that person must of followed us. I think that's why they know my address... because that person, in the 3 months Renata was with me, established contact with her... sometimes he/she threatned her, threatned me, and that's why she wanted me to give her some distance and never told me anything. In the end, she was very misterious... maybe because of that, the trip was a way to vanishe, to get lost of that people.
Well, I want to believe that Renata has nothing to do with all that. I believe her. I think she's being held against her will. Maybe they brain-washed her... maybe she believes she's doing the right thing... I hope I'm wrong and that Kai is who he says he is... that he is friend, someone like us, someone who's trying to solve this problem. But... I don't know... And you? Who do you think might be Theo?

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