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[edit] May 9
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Al recorrer el laberinto personal pude sincronizar con mi otro yo que decidió no venir a este mundo, no pude averiguar nada relevante a nuestra misión lamentablemente, aunque sí algo muy grato para mí... perdonen el final abrupto del video, ¡estaba emocionado!
El video del recorrido:

Video translation
1) I have done a personal labyrinth. I've tryied to syncronize with the most important question, with the other me who didnt come to this world, who stayed and didnt travell trough the multiverse. I did a few rides focused in my decition and finally i got it. I got a little piece of my memories before i arrived to this place. I remember that i trained a lot to become a good Agonothetai, i remember that had been choosen for this mission was a great honor for me (i trained a lot for this). And... i remember that i got a son, a baby that when i was training labyrinths, smiled, and looked at me, like, in some way, he was supporting me, and was telling me to come here, to do this mission, and it seems that i choosed that. So, now i know that my wife and a baby (i hope that he didnt grow up too much) are waiting for me at home. That's what i know about myself.
2) The soundtrack is Piazzola's tango "Adios Nonino"... a music masterpiece!
Text translation:
When i did the personal labyrinth, i could sincronize with my the other me who didnt decide to come to this world, i couldnt find out something important for our mission, but i found something very gratifying for me. Sorry about the abrupt video final, i was excited / shocked!

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