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[edit] Timeline


[edit] Chapter 10: Contacting Eli...

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[edit] April 9

chapter 18 summary:
The agonethetai of the other worlds recite The Oath:
All of the parallel worlds are equally real.
But one is the original world, the world from which history was born, the world from which is the source of all assembled knowledge.
The original world is the true unique omphaloi, the navel of reality itself.
There the Oracle of Delphi first acquired vision.
There the Oracle of Delphi brought about the first who saw the many, the first who saw the six, the first who witnessed the bloodshed.
We will protect the one true omphaloi against the change, by means of the glory of our sport, and the honor of our teams.
We convene in the spirit of unity. We rescued the one to save the many.
As one circle of athletes we celebrate the world, for the celebration of all the worlds.

[edit] April 10


[edit] April 11

Again chapter 12 (only the image - no text) - probably an error
with link to forum for translation
Navigate 1480 Hestia 18 degrees
Navigate 1480 Apollo 27 degrees
Toronto: Montgomery's / Library / Bookcase / Pioneer Stories of the Mississippi Valley
New York City: Ear Inn / By the table nearest the door / Under Menu / German Composition

[edit] April 12

chapter 15 summary:
The Prophecy is about the continents crashing together: "In the future, the world comes together, except that today, the world comes together." Additionally an instruction is provided how to design a new olympic sign by drawing circles around the continents that do not intersect.
chapter 17 summary:
Constructing exactly similar buildings across the many worlds is almost impossible because the small pieces the building is build of will probably be not exactly the same. It is much easier to use a self-regulating system inside a human-beeing. There is a great chance that if you search worldwide a runner is found, who can achieve perfect alignment. After the big catastrophe in 1815 the Multiworld Athletic Committee worked hard to set up the Multversal Olympics. Our world was not part of the Multiversal Olympic when Jorge's group arrived. Nevertheless they are very optimistic that our modern Olympic Games could be used by the other worlds for sychronization, even though our world is not aware of the importance of the games.

[edit] April 13

Markus will take a trip to another country. He is not saying where.
He has an idea who Theo might be.
The person who picked up the artifact in Hong Kong destroyed it.
There is only a blurry image of the recovery code.

[edit] April 14

chapter 16 summary:
Even though many people follow a routine, being each day on almost the same place at the same time, their body posture is a little bit different than that of the their parallel selves. On the other side it is possible to perfectly move your body like an olympic athlete and align with your parallel selves. In such a moment two things would happen. First, splitted worlds could be reunited and second, the memories, thoughts and ideas will jump from one you to the other you. So Athletic Alignment will expand personal experience and will help to reduce the number of worlds.
Theo won't win again.
He fears the counter-agonothetai and belives that to defeat them, we may need to work with them.
If you wish to help me, we may need to join forces with Theo.
He is fascinated by Monique's idea that Theo's motivation of Pangaea could be a united world in peace.
Navigate - 2698 Apollo 1 degree
Navigate - 2698 Hephaestus 6 degrees
Paris: Bibiothèque Sainte-Geneviève, Salle La Brouste, remove reference number: 822.3 Sha, inside secret King Lear
Berlin: Mitte's Backpacker, 2nd Floor Lobby, Left of Bar, Bookshelver, Hiiden out of view, move books, "With Trumpet and Drum"
She's amazed at how the community was able to determine the retrieval code from a very blurry image, impressed at the collaboration between multiple strengths.
Eli Hunt has answered several emails.

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