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[edit] Timeline


[edit] Chapter 3: Find him...

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[edit] March 5

This website includes two podcasts:
The Lost Sport of Olympia.
The Ancient Game Keepers.
  • Markus wrote in an email about a word coming suddenly into his mind: thumos696 (full text)
She assumes that Eli Hunt knows more about "the lost ring" and she hopes that we can make him talk.

[edit] March 6

She wants to fly to Cardiff to meet Eli Hunt.
The last sentence Let's just say they are some odd fellows in the bunch led to the following address:
Oddfellows Friendly Society,
19 Newport Rd, Cardiff, CF24 0AA,
United Kingdom

(Oddfellows Homepage)
  • Ariadne has been informed about the meeting place in an email by ThaJinx' (full text)

[edit] March 7

direct links: Ariadne, Markus, Diego, Meihui, Noriko, Lucie, Larissa
A trailer is revealed (with hidden clues), and known data is organized in a spiffy section, along with links to each character's homepages.

[edit] March 8

She wrote that a similar story happened many years before. In the email is a link to a spanish video and three images are attached.
  • The coordinates on Monica's postcard have been identified
as Madrid, London, Copenhagen, Boston, Toronto and Rio de Janeiro (see also Puzzles)
She finally met Eli Hunt in Cardiff. Eli will eventually help us.

[edit] March 10

  • Monica sent an email with a scan of the book she showed in the video (full text)

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