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[edit] The Couberteam

  • Starting on May 16, several players received emails from a "Pierre de Coubertine", aka 'Couberteam' (
  • The term "Couberteam" appears to refer to Pierre de Coubertin (1863-1937), well known as the founder of the International Olympic Committee and allegedly the person to whom The Lost Rings were dedicated.
  • The Couberteam was a playermade group initiated by Monica that tried to uncover Theo members, by pretending to have important information (Monica's postcards. Which then have been stolen by her housemaid, who has beeen suspected to be a Theo member. The couberteam was a secret organisation which led to some confusion (see unfiction thread. Now it seems that this part of the story has no relevance anymore

[edit] Members

  •  ?

[edit] First Contact

  • Text of emails received:
Subjekt: keep hope.
  • Body: We will succeed! Keep her spirits up! Persevere!
  • Body: Keep looking for more! Keep looking up!
  • Body: Sapo mortigas mikrobojn! Esperi! // Soap kills microbes! Hope! (related to Jane McG's SXSW keynote)
  • Body: L'important n'est pas de gagner, mais de participer. // The important thing is not to win, but to take part.
  • Body: We are the defenders of the Agonothetai.
  • Body: Aguanta! Estamos cuidando de ti! // Hang on! We're watching over you!

  • Subject: be allegiant
  • Body: Don't give up hope, the six and the world need your support. If you trust them, tell them.

[edit] Emails

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