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[edit] May 19, 9.07am
I know you've been worried about me. I wish I could say I'm okay. But I'm not. Everything is worse than you could possibly imagine.
also available on dotsub
Listen. There's something wrong with me. I'm not like the rest of them. I'm not like the rest of the allies. I'm dangerous.
I saw it happen. Like the oracle at Delphi. But I wasn't seeing the future. It's already happened. I broke something. And I can't fix it.
Kai showed me the multiverse graph. That blue line? Those are my worlds, my families, destroyed. I can't go home. There is no more home.

Please help me warn others. I've added a transcript to this video, you can add subtitles in any language. Every single member of team agonothetai needs to understand what I've done.

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