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[edit] ¿Quién es Theo? // Who is Theo? (link)

[edit] April 19

No sabemos nada de Theo... quién es, qué quiere, por qué hace lo que hace, pero cada cual tiene sus sospechas.

MauroKing(text) Video translation
Diego first addresses how little we know about Theo. He sent the photo and also left the postcard, which had a cryptic and threatening message. We don't know who he is or what he wants, but Diego thinks that Theo is really Eli Hunt because he is also mysterious and has withheld information from us since the very beginning. He also disappeared one day, with his secretary saying he went to South America. Diego is certain that he saw him in Buenos Aires, and Eli tried to ignore him and get away. Diego has some questions that he wants Eli to answer.
He then reads two emails that he wrote. I didn't quite understand all of the first email that he wrote (it was about whether we should ally with Theo, which he thinks wouldn't work), but the second one was about how NeoPangea would devastate the world. Geographic changes would change the global political structure, and, for better or for worse, he thinks that this is what Eli wants to happen. Diego wants us to stop Eli and get him to tell us what he is doing.
Text translation:We don't know nothing about Theo...who he is, what he wants, why does he do what he does, but each one has their suspicions.

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