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// Eli Hunt via email to several people (May 12,2008 at 1:04 PM)
In response to several people:

They say that those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it. But perhaps it is the other way around

Once you have seen the path, it is impossible to walk another, no matter how hard you try.

I showed Ariadne my path, and now it has become hers. She is trapped in the same pattern I succumbed to four years ago.

News from a colleague at the society: Ariadne was caught last night in my office. From the looks of it, she has been camping out there for days, perhaps a week. My colleague says she looks like hell. And the room was no better. Wrecked.

She had moved all of the furniture aside, throw everything into corners. A 7 circuit labyrinth was painted on the floor. Apparently she has literally worn the path to shreds, perhaps having traced the labyrinth as many as thousands of times over the past week

Ariadne refused to leave the office. She was forcibly carried out. She would only say: "I made the wrong choice. The other Ariadnes are happier."

I knew immediately what has happened. Her silence, her homesickness

I am convinced that she has become consumed with personal labyrinths. She is immersing herself in memories from her home world – not to save this world, but to escape it

Based on this report from my colleague, I fear Ariadne has become obsessed with the outlier worlds where she did not accept this mission, where she continues to live an ordinary life, training as an athlete for the Multiverse Olympiad, competing from her home world instead of traveling to ours.

I don't know what we can do. But I thought I would prepare you.

When I walked this path, the result was very bad for the worlds I observed

We have never understood truly why the ancient Greeks banned the visions at the omphalos

Perhaps in the act of seeing, there is risk. Perhaps by knowing the other worlds, we draw ourselves towards them… an attraction that heightens the possibility of collapse

We must prepare ourselves for the worse. Even if we can get Ariadne back to our mission, it may be too late to untangle ourselves from the worlds she has drawn us closer t

Regretfull yours,

Eli Hunt

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