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[edit] Jorge's Postcards

[edit] Postcard #1


(In an email from Monica to Diego was included this postcard)

Mi tío-abuelo solía contarme algo parecido cuando era pequeña, sobre algo que le ocurrió a un hombre que conoció hace muchos años. El caso es que nadie le creía excepto yo (aunque claro, era muy pequeña y a mi me encantaban todas esas historias misteriosas. Pero de alguna manera me daba la sensación de que era cierto).

The text written on the back of the postcard:
El Multiverso (the multiverse)

Estamos aqui (we are here) 40.4167, -3.7033
y aqui (and here) 51.4646, -0.1705
y aqui (and here) 55.6763, 12.5681
y aqui (and here) 42.3589, -71.0568
y aqui (and here) 43.6702, -79.3868
y aqui (and here) -22.9035, -43.2096

My uncle-grand father used to tell me something like it [Diego's story] when I was little, about something that happened to a man he knew many years ago. The thing is that nobody believed him (of course, I was very little and I was amused by this misterious stories. But somehow it gave me the feeling he was speaking the truth).

//  via ??
Así que, bueno, días antes de que mi tío muriera, yo tenía 10 años, solo. Él me dio una prueba de que todo aquello era real, que el hombre del laberinto existió de verdad, que fue esta postal, que me dijo que era parte de aquello que le había dejado el hombre del laberinto. Además, no solo eso, sino que me dijo que el resto de cosas que le había dejado, estaba oculto en algún lugar. Y... bueno, mi tío murió, el pobre. Jamás consiguió volver a saber nada del hombre del laberinto ni de sus 5 acompañantes.

That's how, well, days before my uncle's death, I was only 10. He gave me a proof that everything was real, that the labirynth man existed for real, and was this postcard, which he said part of what the labyrinth man had given him. And not only that, but he also said that the rest of things that he left him was hidden somewhere. And... well my uncle died, the poor man. He never succeeded in having any contact with the labyrinth man or any of his 5 partners.
  • Translates to coordinates (where the former 6 athletes have been?)
    • we do not know what these locations are, speculation includes
      • locations associated with Jorge's Agonothetai666
      • attempts to combine the omphalos direction 595 Trident 20 (from Jorge's notebook) produce nothing of interest
      • are these locations large enough to support an olympic-sized labyrinth run? (Codex page)
[edit] Postcard Locations
  • View all locations on one map HERE
40.4167, -3.7033 (-->MADRID - Sol metro station)
51.4646, -0.1705 (-->LONDON - Clapham Junction railroad station)
55.6763, 12.5681 (-->COPENHAGEN - It is a bus station at Copenhagen's central square.)
42.3589, -71.0568 (-->BOSTON - State subway station)
43.6702, -79.3868 (-->TORONTO - Bloor Yonge subway station)
-22.9035, -43.2096 (-->RIO DE JANEIRO)
  • All coordinates are the nearest point (resolution 0.001°) to the point Google Earth shows when the city name is entered. Exception London.

[edit] Postcard #2

(In an forum message from Monica in Diego's forum a postcard was included)
see transcription and translation of Monica's_photos

  • Translates to coordinates (where the former 6 athletes have been?)
[edit] Postcard Locations
N 41º 14.172, W080º 48.76824 (= 41.2362 -80.812804) --> Warren, OHIO, USA
N48º 8,39994, E011º 34.8 (= 48.139999 11.58) --> Munich, Germany
N43º37.19994, E001º27.0 (= 43.619999 1.45) --> Toulouse, France
N35º40.99986, W000º36 (= 35.683331 -0.6) --> Oran, Algeria
N43º4.452, W089º24.039 (= 43.0742 -89.40065) --> Madison, WI, USA
S15º46.8, W047º54.6 (= -15.78 -47.91) --> Brazília, Brazil
  • This time none of the coordinates matches the city centers of google earth as well as the first 6 cities.
  • Especially Toulouse is like London (postcard #1) the place of a railway station.

[edit] Solution

// Ariadne via Email responding to Brodie (Apr 7/08)
In response to:
an email regarding my parallel geography theory (unfiction post):
I know we've been on and on about the six different locations; I even have them memorised (Madrid, London, Boston, Rio, Toronto, Copenhagen).


With the discovery of this new postcard, and the explanation of the co-ordinates, I'm thinking... that the five other co-ordinates? Are the location of Warren and Madrid in the other worlds.

Forget the other place names.

When you look at chapter 10, PARALLEL GEOGRAPHY, it shows that the location of Paris on Gaea is N48 o 44'00. On Pangaea, it is different. On Pangaea, it is 55 o 45'N , 37 o 36'E. Naturally, this co-ordinate would map to a different place on our world.

This means that on the other four world-types (Nuna, Pangaea Ultima, Kenorland and Gondwana), Paris' location would be different again - giving us four more co-ordinates.


That means that when the postcard said 'We are here', that is where we are in Gaea - ie. Madrid/Warren. When it said 'and here', it referred to where we are in the other world-types - ie. Madrid/Warren in other worlds.

And THAT, mon amis, is my theory.

If you follow it on, it begins to make sense.

It means that where London/Boston/Rio/Toronto/Copenhagen are on our world, is where Madrid is on other world-types. Same goes for the deciphered co-ordinates on Monica's second postcard (Munich, Toulouse, Oran, Madison and Brasilia in our world correspond to Warren on the other world-types).
brodie, WOW.
i think you have successfully solved this sofia mission. and i think we need a tool to play with moving layers of continents around to test alignment theories. let me see if i can explain this to kai...

  • The first postcard co-ordinate (Madrid in #1, Warren in #2) is where the Earth (Gaea) agonothetai run their labyrinth.
  • The second through sixth co-ordinates (London/Boston/Rio de Janeiro/Toronto/Copenhagen in #1, Munich/Toulouse/Oran/Madison/Brasilia in #2) are the corresponding places on Gaea where the labyrinths are run in the other world-types (ie. the co-ordinate locations of Madrid and Warren in the other world-types)
  • meaning CO-ORDINATE ONE = Gaea location of Madrid/Warren, CO-ORDINATE TWO = second world-type location of Madrid/Warren, CO-ORDINATE THREE = third world-type location of Madrid/Warren, etc.
  • As of April 07, Ariadne and Kai are working on a tool to map the world-types over one another and see how the locations fit together (ie. see which co-ordinates [#2-6] match which world-types).
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