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[edit] Timeline


[edit] Chapter 4: Find the secret...

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[edit] March 11

An ancient way of navigating using ompahlos (an ancient stone] together with a code is explained in detail.
The Omphalos code consists of a length information (in stadium) and a direction (zodiac compass).
Eli has found a old statue in the ancient site of Olympia. What he told nobody so far he found a message inside the statue.
This message was a "prophecy" ending with the line
Instructions for preparing the Lost Ring
From text: The confession is here. http://www.thelostgames.com/confession. The secret is here.
She is thankful for Monica's story because it proofs that there is an important mission.
But she also asks what exactly the mission and the Codex of the lost ring could be.
She thanks all the people who helped her and asks for further comments.

[edit] March 12

She just summarizes Monicas story and wonders about the numbers on Jorge's Postcard.
She's glad Ariadne and Eli finally met. She went to and typed SOFIA696 and also her biostats.
She asks, since the site is not made by Eli, who could be running it?
She talks about Monicas story and says that Renatas story was similar and that Renata had also written on the back of postcards.
She is happy, that Eli Hunt shared the information about the The secret and the secret artifact.
She points out that Eli does not gave many information, especially regarding the where and how he found The secret.

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