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[edit] 12 March 2008 - 7.30 PM
UPDATE! We did it -- we finally convinced Eli Hunt to tell us what he knows about he lost ring.

Well, sort of.

He made a "confession" with a secret podcast. It explains a few very important things -- like how he first heard about the lost ring, and why he's been lying about it. But obviously we all know there are still a million things he's not sharing yet...

Mr. Hunt also sent us the link for some strange secret portal site. It's transmitting geographic data from somewhere. So far we have no idea what the data means or who made the site, although it seems to know a lot about us. Which is, like, very creepy. The six of us who woke up in labyrinths with amnesia, we all had to enter our "biometrics" to activate the site -- and by the way, thanks to all of you guys who figured that out for us. (I'm pretty impressed you managed to guess my resting heart rate... I should have checked my email sooner so I could have told you myself!)

So you should take a look. The more eyes we get on this thing, the better.

If Mr. Hunt knows the purpose of the site, he's not telling yet. He hasn't even told us how he found it yet -- that's one story I know we have to drag out of him.

Now, I'm sure Mr. Hunt didn't want me to come right out and post all of that. But Mr. Hunt and I have a difference of opinion about how to keep a secret. So he can keep the secret his way, and I'll keep it mine. Sorry, Eli.

The one thing I keep wondering about... there are a few data points on the secret site, out of the thousands, that are marked differently than the others. But what makes them different? I have a feeling that we have to figure out exactly what location they represent in order to unlock the real purpose of the site...

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[edit] 09 March 2008 - 10.24 PM
So much happened this weekend, I barely know where to start. I want to tell you everything. So I made a list of all the important stuff last night while I couldn't sleep. Here it is.

1. I made it safely to Cardiff. Customs and immigration didn’t even blink at my new passport. (Thank you Kai!!) And I didn’t feel one bit guilty. I have no idea who I am. So for all I know, I really could be "Ariadne Mascotte" from Montreal, Canada...

2. I found the society house, and guess what? Mr. Hunt wasn't a guest speaker. He has an office there. It turns out that he has an author's fellowship, and the society is sponsoring his book research.

3. So naturally, instead of listening to the lecture, I snuck into his office. Wouldn't you have?

4. I got caught. By Mr. Hunt. I’m no spy. But I also don’t give up easily.

5. I made him look at my tattoo. I begged him for help. And you know what? He's not a bad guy. I could sense it. I could see it in his eyes. He WANTED to help. But something was holding him back.

6. I promised I would leave him alone forever if he would give me 10 minutes of his attention. He agreed, so I got him to sit down at his computer. I showed him your emails, I showed him our blogs, I told him everything we know so far about who woke up where, and when.

Here's the amazing thing. Once he saw all the evidence, there was no turning back for him. I guess that’s what it really means to be an investigator at heart. It obviously triggered something in his brain, like a spark... everything I showed him was a clue, and he couldn’t ignore it.

But obviously he was torn. He said he needed to sleep on it, and that I should come back the next day.

7. So I did. I crashed a hostel, and I came back. But he wasn’t there.

I know, you could have predicted that.

But he didn't stand me up completely. He left a note for me.

I’ll let you read it for yourself. When you do, I think you’ll know exactly what to do.

Just remember. PLEASE. I can’t do this alone.

I need your help.

"Dear Ariadne,

This will sound very strange. But I think I have been waiting my entire life to meet you.

I have spent decades preparing for this moment. But before we go forward, I need to be sure.

I thought I met someone like you years ago. I though the moment has arrived. But I was wrong. And I believe that my mistake caused a great deal of suffering, countless tragedies that I can never undo.

If I’m wrong again, if you and your friends aren’t the six I have been waiting for, then we may once again unleash a torrent of terrifying consequences.

That is something my conscience simply cannot bear.

If we are to join forces, then I must know for sure that you are the six, and I must know for sure that we have the resources we need. Even if you are the six, I fear that six is not enough.

It will take legions to trovu la ringon perditan. And we will need help from virtually every populated square of the earth.

Ariadne, I know you have many people who want to help you. I am willing to take the risk of sharing with you, and with them, the secret I have been keeping.

If the time has come, then you and your friends perhaps can help me peek inside a box that I have kept closed for years -- for fear of what it might contain.

I will prepare for you a podcast that explains everything. But I won’t post it in my series. I will send you, and any friends who pledge that they are willing to keep the secret, a link to the podcast as soon as it is ready.

Until we know for sure, it is best that we not meet again face to face.

I don’t want to let my emotions cloud my judgment.

Sincerely yours,

Eli Hunt"

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