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そういえば、試験官の人達、日本人なの にお互いに話すときは何か分からない言葉話してたな。。。ミッションに役に立つことを 思い出せなくて申し訳ないです>_<

(translation by Rivanor)
(blog translation)
This is what I recalled after my personal labyrinth.
Come to think of it, the examiners were Japanese but, when they talked amongst themselves, they spoke in a language that I didn’t recognize ... I regret that I can’t recall anything that would be of real use for the mission >_<
(video translation)
After doing a personal labyrinth, there are some things that I remember. They are kind of like flashbacks; the events and emotions I experienced at the time seem to just come gushing out.
One is… when I first aspired to do this mission and was at the interview for it. There were 6 examiners. The examiner second from the right, who was a man of rather big build, asked me, “Why do you wish to take on this mission?” And I remember bragging, “I believe that *I* would be able to accomplish it.”
Another memory: When I was chosen for the mission, I felt so very proud and happy to have been selected for such an important role, and I remember thinking that I will accomplish it and return for certain.
One more memory is…My mother, saying to me, that she is proud that I am her daughter. And telling me to “Go, and take care,” while her eyes filled with tears.
I regret that I can’t seem to recall anything that would be of real use but… I would like to return to my mother —who, while knowing that there could be danger and the possibility of never seeing me again, still said to me, “Go and take care”— and tell her, “I’m home.”

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