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[edit] The Codex of the Lost Ring


[edit] History of the Codex

Postcard contents
  • Jorge and five others were working on something. Monica's uncle, who had met Jorge long ago, left her a postcard as evidence of this mystery.
  • Jorge indicates that they left their findings in various places, and it's believed that the site, a tool for locating and identifying omphaloi around the globe, is directing us to the locations of these "artifacts".
  • The artifacts contain the pages from the Codex compiled below.

[edit] The Codex Transcripts

[edit] By Language
Entire Codex in languages:

[edit] By Chapter
Chapter links (to the first page of each chapter):
Message from Jorge's six
Ch.1, Six Ancient Strengths
Ch.2, The 6 Travellers
Ch.3, The Secret Ringmasters
Ch.4, Finding space for the labyrinth
Ch.5, Preparing the Human Labyrinth
Ch.6, How to create the walls
Ch.7, Running in the labyrinth
Ch.8, Doors and parallel paths
Ch.9, From stone to human
Ch.10, Parallel Geography
Ch.11, Many worlds
Ch.12, Pan-Cosmology
Ch.13, The Danger of Neo-Pangaea
Ch.14, The limits of many worlds
Ch.15, The Prophecy
Ch.16, Athletic Alignment
Ch.17, Multiversal Olympiad
Ch.18, The Oath
Ch.19, Parallel Selves
Ch.20, Secrets of the Omphaloi
Ch.21, Visions
Ch.22, Design of the Omphalos
Ch.23, Multiversal Travel
Ch.24, Navigating with Flares
Ch.25, The Promise
Ch.26, The Search
Ch.27, The Sixth Ring

[edit] By Page

[edit] Discussing the Codex

Links to Ariadne's and unficition forum threads per chapter could be found here.

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