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[edit] Timeline

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Historic timeline (events throughout history)

(in chronological order)

[edit] Chapters 1-17

For events up to this point, please refer to the Story so far

[edit] Chapter 18: Lost Rings and Found Answers...

(May 29 - June 1)

So many exciting things have happened:

Eli revealed in his 6th podcast the secret about The Lost Rings. It seems that "The Lost Rings" is a sculpture of the Olympic Rings ordered by a unknown client in 1920 before the Antwerp Olympic Games. The only evidence that this sculpture existed is an old workorder and some legends among art dealers and collectors. The cuplture is composed of five interlocked rings, which could easily be detached from each other. Some rumours are also stating that there was a sixth ring and therefore the sculpture is also sometimes called "Sixth Ring". Nobody knows where the sculpture is nowadays.

Team San Francisco sucessfully captured and interrogated James. James could be convinced to run a personal labyrinth. During this session he had a vision about him and woman he had fallen in love with four years ago. James started to tell his and Theo's story:
Four years ago James met Toria, a member of the 2004 Agonethetai team and fall in love with her. Renata and Kentaro were also members of that team. Eli helped them, but Kentaro went "nuts" and vanished. Because only one of them could leave, Renata was choosen to go back and tell the story. But instead of Renata Toria wanted to go back and James heart was broken. Renata was also very disappointed.
Some month later Renata contacted James. She has found Kentaro, Both were members of Theo. So James decided to join, too. Theo believes that if one world succeeds, another world will fail. Therefore Theo wants to sacrifice this world, so that the other worlds will be spared.

James showed a map with 27 Theo headquarter locations. These cities are places where we can build city labyrinths to complete the Earth-omphalos, that is needed to send the six home.

Ariadne and Eli are still working on solving the whole mystery.

James gave us also the pruvo code for the Lausanne artifact
Summary of the Codex of the lost ring (Ch.25):

The 1920 team did not share all information within the codex. Some important information will be hidden in the Lost Rings, e.g. the instruction where the last labyrinth should be made, how many circuits has to be constructed, where the six has to stand and how firmly the ringof six has to be tied. They will leave something behind containing this inforamtion - that is The Promise.

...( Read the detailed list of events )

[edit] Chapter 19: I am Alex...

(June 2 - June 15)

Ariadne remembers here real name: Alex. She had a dream where her Mother called her. So at least not all of her worlds have been destroyed. Nevertheless Ariadne thinks that only those worlds survived where she had not left. Which on the other side means that there will be no world where she can return to, because either they are destroyed or there is already an Alex living.

Monica reports that the four postcards she found some time before have been stolen. This all seems like somehow connected to a the mysterious Couberteam - another fraction that popped up. [But, it seems like this part of the story is not relevant anymore]

James sends an email revealing that he has contacted us as Theo. He explains Theo's motivation and the story of Kentaro and Toria. He further explains that he has to recruit 27 new Theo members to get promoted within the Theo ranks. This is important, because that is the only way to get new information from Theo. Those 27 new members have to complete Theo missions #1 (uninitiation) and #2 (taking Theo's oath). Helping James is a new mission for Thumos and Chariton. A seond email clarifies Theo's goals once more.

Larissa wants to join Theo (at least pretending so) to get a chance to meet Renata again. But she needs a good cover story.

Ariadne wonders if we are able to win gold in the multiverse olympic games. But she wonders how fast we have to be. How fast are the other worlds? New mission for Sophrosune and Sofia to figure out how fast we have to get.

Designing City Labyrinths made progress and the first designs got approved by Eli. We should share our labyrinths and videos on seero.com. Furthermore Eli explains details about city labyrinths here and here.

A possible solution for the riddle from the last chapter of the Codex has been worked out. We perhaps know how to find the sixth ring. If all five rings are assembled there is a path through the olympic symbol. Is this the sixth ring? Is there the final message hidden?

The last two chapters of the codex were found in Bengaluru and Rio de Janeiro.
Summary of the Codex of the lost ring (Ch.26 - Ch.27):

The Search for the things the former six left behind has to begin in Antwerp 1920.
Remember: There is not a sixth ring. Though you must find it.

They can not tell us where exactly The Sixth Ring can be found. The rest seems like a final riddle:
When the words become coordinated, the worlds become coordinated.
Eight points of connection create eight short curves, out of which only five belong.
As the rings themselves, you must take one out of every continent, and make a new ring.
But not a perfect circle.
You must recreate instead the form which you see by the Omphalos.
The flattened spheroid.
Only worry about the untouched interiors.
When you find your way through the five rings, you will see ...
How the branching and collapsing of the universes are first --------------
to above not and then to below yes, and then
to below not and then to above yes, and then
to above not and then to below yes, and finally are
to below yes and then to above yes.
... there were always six rings.

...( Read the detailed list of events )

[edit] Chapter 20: Raising Omphstrength...

(June 16 - June 19)

Our first two city labyrinths have been completed: San Francisco and Manila. The omphstrength command on the omphaputer showed our new succes. A third city labyrinth was sucessfully completed by Team Munich.

Besides the omphstrength command a new omphaputer command became active: TRAINING. It shows the actual labyrinth records of the other worlds:
TRAINING/NUMA: Numa | 3 Circuit: 14.12 | 7 Circuit: 1:38
TRAINING/KENORLAND: Kenorland | 3 Circuit: 15.8 | 7 Circuit: 1:43.25
TRAINING/GAEA: Gaea | 3 Circuit: 13.59 | 7 Circuit: 2:30
TRAINING/GONDWANA: Gondwana | 3 Circuit: 15.5 | 7 Circuit: 1:35
TRAINING/PANGEA: Pangea | 3 Circuit: 13.41 | 7 Circuit: 1:29
TRAINING/PANGEA/ULTIMA: Pangea Ultima | 3 Circuit: 16.52 | 7 Circuit: 1:50
So our world (Gaea) is good but not the best. We need more training.

Markus took Theo's oath. It seems like he found a partner and tries to help James to get promoted.

James/Theo emailed a new mission to the Theo mission teams: Third Mission: Stay Blind: People have to write "stay blind" on a piece of cloth and blindfold public statues.

Omphstrength Status:

Network Incomplete
Knots complete: 3
Knots remaining: 24

Labyrinth Records:
3-circuit: Pangea (13.41) [Gaea: 13.59]
7-circuit: Pangea (1:29) [Gaea: 2:30]

...( Read the detailed list of events )

[edit] Chapter 21: Do not trust...

(June 20 - June 25)

Event though Ariadne wanted to stay away from labyrinths she did again a personal labyrinth. She had the feeling that one of them is a pretender. So she aligned with a parallel Alex who was on her mission in Munich. And with her was a "true" Thumos, named Mauritz. He was tall, pale, thin, and he had dark hair – and he definitely WASN’T Markus. Ariadne believes that Markus is just pretending to be our Thumos and that we can't trust Markus.

Markus immediately reacts saying that he just woke up with amnesia like the others, that he can't remember anything else and that we have to belive him. But only a few hours later he posted a video with his desychronisation task. But it seems like he is not just doing the Theo tasks to help James getting promoted, but because he really thinks, Theo is right. He does not tell who his partner is.

Larissa's desynchronisation task has also been published. Besides helping James she has also a personal reason to join Theo: meeting Renata again. And her mission is sucessful. At least she got a message from Renata.

James send an email that he sucessfully found 27 new Theo members and reported his promotion. He also included a list with 18 new knot cities. Markus is exicited, because James could now call the voice message system of Theo. What messages does Theo share there?

We are constantly increasing the omphstrength: Bangkok, Wellington, and Melbourne have city labyrinths!

Omphstrength Status:

Network Incomplete
Knots complete: 6
Knots remaining: 21

Labyrinth Records (no changes):
3-circuit: Pangea (13.41) [Gaea: 13.59]
7-circuit: Pangea (1:29) [Gaea: 2:30]

...( Read the detailed list of events )

[edit] Chapter 22: Mystery Message, Voice Message and Kentaro...

(June 26 - July 4)

Ariadne and Eli received a mysterious message. Seems like there is a new ally. The unknown person signed the message with "-E." and he wrote that he met several years ago someone like Ariadne in Los Angeles. "E." states that he is an olympic athlete, has a degree in Physics, knows how to win gold and that he wants to help us to win the Multiverse Games. Who is the unknown athlete? Ariadne suggested to contact him via this address: ftwmcdSPLATgmail.com

People who contacted "E." received soon a reply from somone with the nick "400 Runner". Could it be that E. is Edwin Moses?

James got access to the Theo voice message system. He found a voice message about the "La Sesa Ringo". Unfortunately he deleted the message and... the message was in Dutch. So he wanted us to find out the content of the message, come up with a decoy message and put this back on the voice message system.
The message contained omphalos directions to the city where the First Lost Ring is waiting for the ring transporter to be picked up: Wellington. Another code based on a labyrinth on the city map revealed the Pop Up Gallery as the ring location. Finally a riddle lead to the password (=SPHINX) for the ring keeper to get the ring. Parallel to translating and decoding a fake message was put on the message system.
Finally, Team Wellington successfully picked up the First Lost Ring. The Ring contained an inscription, but the information seems not so important up to now.

Soon after the first ring was found, James emailed a second voice message. This time the language was Armenian, which naturally took some time to get translated. The Lost Ring Number Two was situated somewhere in Tokyo and the ring keeper password has been identified as CLEOPATRA. But the location in Tokyo has not been identified, yet.

Larissa encountered Kentaro. Kentaro said that Markus has been with The Opposition all along. Because Markus didn't remembered fast enough Theo forced him to do all those labyrinth runs in Dubai. And it seems like Markus really is with Theo. He posted on his blog that we should try to stop the raising of the omphstrength.

No new city labyrinths have been finished in the meantime.
Omphstrength Status (no changes):

Network Incomplete
Knots complete: 6
Knots remaining: 21

Labyrinth Records (no changes):
3-circuit: Pangea (13.41) [Gaea: 13.59]
7-circuit: Pangea (1:29) [Gaea: 2:30]

...( Read the detailed list of events )

[edit] Chapter 23: For the win...

(July 7 - July 14)

Our mysterious ally revealed his identity. It is really Edwin Moses who wants to help our multiversal olympic teams. He writes that there will be one team from each continent participating in the Muliversal Olympics. Only the best city from each continent will participate. 11 players are needed for the 3-circuit and 16 players for the 7-circuit labyrinth. Each team should send him the city name, the training records and the names of the players.

Congratulations to Team Tokyo. They successfully recovered the Lost Ring Number Two. It was found in the Gallery Saka.

Congratulations also to Team Wellington. They run new world-records for the 7-circuit and the 3-circuit labyrinth.
Also Team Shanghai reported a new world record for the 3-circuit labyrinth in a time of 10.25. Unfortunatley this record was not valid due to some irregularities.

James emailed a third voice message. The language was Hindu. From the translation we decoded the following information: Lost Ring Number Three is somewhere in Manchester and the password is THERMANTIA. Additionally we knew that the entrance of the labyrinth was at the [EliHunt/Email/20080714-1|"Night and Day Cafe"]], but it was not clear where to look for the gallery. James finally suggested these three galleries: The Art Sugery, Natural Eye, and Richard Goodall Gallery.

but James also forwarded a message from Theo. Theo detected some irregularities with the Lost Rings.

Many new city labyrinths has been run in the meantime. Toronto, Vienna and London as well as Kyoto, Paris, Austin, Dallas, Madrid, and La Plata.
Omphstrength Status:

Network Incomplete
Knots complete: 15
Knots remaining: 12

Labyrinth Records:
3-circuit: Gaea (12.06)
7-circuit: Pangea (1:19.92) [Gaea: 1:25.25]

...( Read the detailed list of events )

[edit] Chapter 24: Complications...

(July 15 - July 21)

Ariadne wants us to get ready for August 23/24 and Edwin Moses, our new Lost Sport Coach gives some additional hints how to win gold.

Due to all the new information about Markus, Ariadne wonders who are our family, friends, enemies, teammates?. She wants us to share our ideas with Monica. Monica finally posted several of the speculations sent to her.

Team Manchester found the third lost ring in the Richard Goodall Gallery. Unfortunately they encounterd some complications. The person who found the ring location, was for some reasons nor allowed to pick up the ring. The ring keeper mistrusted him. James and Eli immediately reacted to the incident James Mail #1, James Mail #2 and Eli Mail.

The next day the ring has been successfully picked up. Nevertheless, it seems like Theo knows something and is getting more cautious. James forwarded a Theo message: From now on each ring transporter has to be identified before getting the ring by sending a video to Theo for verification.

James emailed a fourth voice message. The language was Russian. From the translation we decoded the following information: Lost Ring Number Four is somewhere in Buenos Aires and the password is PENATHLON. Additionally we finally knew that the ring is at the Esperanto Society, a headquarter of Theo.

So the ring is not in plain sight anymore. How should we get it? Just walking in and saying the password won't work. Diego suggested a plan: Contact the Esperanto Society for some language courses, than find the rinf, steal it and run! Helping Diego is a new mission for Sophrosune and Thumos.

New city labyrinths has been run in Salvador, Laval and Garden City. But even though the omphstrength is already very high, the network is still incomplete. We need some city knots in the north. Finding allies in Alaska and Scandinavia is a new mission for Dikaiosune, Chariton and Sofia.
Omphstrength Status:

Network Incomplete
Knots complete: 18
Knots remaining: 9

Labyrinth Records (no changes):
3-circuit: Gaea (12.06)
7-circuit: Pangea (1:19.92) [Gaea: 1:25.25]

...( Read the detailed list of events )

[edit] Chapter 25: Two final ring missions...

(July 22 - July 31)

Even though Ring number four is not in our hands, James emailed a fifth voice message. The language was English, so no difficulties with translating the message. But for getting Lost Ring Number Five the Ring Keeper has to be contacted via email and the email address is encoded. We finally managed to decode the address to TheOP79843SPLATgmail.com. 79843 is the zip code of Marfa, Texas.

Ring Keeper #5 has been contacted sucessfully. He said that the Ring Transporter has to come to Marfa. He also sent detailled instructions regarding the dead drop:
The ring transporter has to be dressed like a street musician.
The ring master will contact him via a tip in the hat.

So we finally have two difficult missions to get the last two rings.

Team Buenos Aires managed to get into the Esperanto Society. They found the ring hidden in a toilet room. So they steal it and run away. Now we have ring number four.

Team Marfa dressed up like street musicians and finally the Ring Master put some money in the hat. On the money was athe following message: PARKING LOT/974 FLV. They found the ring in a box in the back of an SUV. Great, we have all five rings.

Other great news: Gaea holds the new worlds records!.

Markus decided to travel to Bejing.

And we almost finished the Earth-Omphalos. New city labyrinths has been run in Cambridge and Duncan as well as in Martinsborough and Buenos Aires.
Omphstrength Status:

Network Incomplete
Knots complete: 22
Knots remaining: 5

Labyrinth Records:
3-circuit: Gaea (10.69)
7-circuit: Gaea: (59.15)

...( Read the detailed list of events )

[edit] Chapter 26: Athletic synchronization optimized...

(August 1 - August 6)

(screenshot adjusted for visibility)
Researchers found out new amazing things about the Antikythera Mechanism, a kind of ancient computer. Ariadne asked us to make a guest podcast for Eli. LeHall made a fantastic podcast (link)

Ariadne posted an important message from Eli. It is of course possible to build mulitversal olympic teams with less people. So it is not required to have 11 team members for a 3-circuit or 16 team members for a 7-circuit labyrinth run.

Soon the olympic games in Beijing will start. We have to take the Agonthetai oath during the opening ceremony on August 8th.

Again the times for running the Lost Sports have been improved.

And finally:
After the Boulder, Kitchener, Tokyo and Bergen Labyrinths we completed the omph knot with labyrinths in Los Angeles, Montreal, Ingolstadt and Nuremberg. So actually we have a omphstrength of 315.74 and 30 city labyrinths - 3 more than needed and athletic synchronization is optimized.
Omphstrength Status:

Network Complete
Knots complete: 27+3
Athletic synchronization optimized

Labyrinth Records:
3-circuit: Gaea (9.59)
7-circuit: Gaea: (49.15)

...( Read the detailed list of events )

[edit] Chapter 27: Let the games begin...

(August 8 - August 13)

August 8 was the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing. The allies posted ther oath: Monica's oath, Mei Hui's oath, Diego's oath, Noriko's oath, Larissa's oath and Ariadne's oath.

We had a big ring reunification party and many people met in a chatroom to [Ariadne/080810-id1798 discuss the last message] of the sixth ring. There are still aome open topics:
The "5 and 1" dilemma
The "40 stadia from the opening ceremonies" challenge
The "11 by design" labyrinth
The "sum of sports" question
The "flare" plan
The "monumental wave" decision

Eli Hunt is especially interested in the 5+1 question and sends some emails here and here. He now things that the Gaea traveller might travel different than the others.

The Gaea olympic teams are announced: Team London, Team Tokyo, Team San Francisco, Team Wellington and Team Salvador.

Noriko met Kentaro and Ariadne is not really sure if she will leave or should stay.

...( Read the detailed list of events )

[edit] Chapter 28: Delphi vs. Beijing...

(August 14 - August 19)

Eli Hunt is sure that one has to travel from Delphi and that this person is Ariadne. But Ariande does not want to be the ONE to go to Delphi. She wants to be in Beijing.
Finally they decided that Ariadne will go to Beijing but will not leave this world. Instead of her Eli will go to Delphi and travel. Eli posted his final podcast: The Story of the Lost Rings.

Markus finally took his oath and all the allies are ready to leave for Beijing: Diego, Noriko, Lucie 1, Lucie 2, Monica, Larissa and Mei Hui.

Lucie met Markus in Heathrow and on the plane.

Finally everyone arrives in Beijing - besides Ariadne. Therefore more friends of Kai are in Beijing. They managed to train Ariadnes dance for the first time.
James checked out the labyrinth location and met Markus outside of the hotel.

...( Read the detailed list of events )

[edit] Chapter 29: Strange Ceremony...

(August 14 - August 19)

Last but least Ariadne arrived in Beijing. In the meantime some of the allies did a Beijing omphalabyrinth.

Edwin Moses posted a Welcome to the Multiverse Olympiad video. Additionally he posts six [[Ariadne/080821-id1837|messages to the six Gaea teams. Soon later he and the allies officially introduce the championship teams.

Monica, Larissa and Diego discuss how to help Renata, and realize that the fake de-synchronization ritual created by the Couberteam to fool TheO could help Renata gain TheO's trust, so they call Markus over to join in.
Mei Hui comes back to the hotel and catches Markus, Monica, James, Larissa and Diego performing the a MeiHui/080821-id1831 strange ceremony (but Mei Hui doesn't know it's fake). So she was really worried.
Diego sent an email stating that they are not Theo but will soon need our help.
Monica and Diego finally told Larissa and James that Mei Hui spotted them, and that they need to explain to her what's going on. Diego, Larissa, Monica and James explain to Mei Hui that the document and ritual were created by the Couberteam, and they need a new plan to help Renata gain TheO's trust.

Diego send out the new plan: He wants us to set up another hidden Bacon code pointing to Mei Hui's secretly filmed video of the desync labyrinth.
So LaSekto send an email to Thermantia pointing to Olympicsecrets.googlepages.com. A message was hidden there:

Mei Hui received an email from Thermantia. Seems like Theo is believing.

...( Read the detailed list of events )

[edit] Chapter 30: Goodbye...

[edit] August 23

Diego says "Hasta luego!" (not "Adios").
Mei Hui says "Goodbye".
Noriko says "Thank you!"
  • Edwin Moses posts new videos documenting his coaching session with Team Beijing:
Coaching Team Agonothetai, Part 1 (link) [new video]
Coaching Team Agonothetai, Part 2 (link) [new video]
Coaching Team Agonothetai, Part 3 (link) [new video]
Athletics Finals at the Bird's Nest (link) [new video]
Renata called. TheO trust Renata again and she is even promoted.
Ariadne posts about the Beijing Omphalabyrinth
Ariadne posts some of the(above) videos from Edwin.
(link) [new video]
Ariadne posts the "Ariadne's Dance" video.
Noriko posts "Ariadne's dance" and the "Omphalabyrinth" video
Noriko posts Edwin Moses' coaching videos
  • Kai posts videos of Team Beijing getting ready at the Great Wall:
Noriko before our labyrinth races (link) [new video]
MeiHui at the Great Wall (link) [new video]
Diego @ The Great Wall (link) [new video]
Markus @ The Great Wall (link) [new video]
Diego and Monica Pre-Race (link) [new video]
7 Circuit Labyrinth Seed @ The Great Wall (link) [new video]
Drawing a 7 circuit labyrinth (link) [new video]
James Mutters @ The Great Wall (link) [new video]
Thanks to Pita and Ariock for the Rope Protractor (link) [new video]
Kai says goodbye (link) [new video]
Kai posts the prep videos (s. above) on Ariadne's blog.

[edit] August 24

  • Kai posts videos documenting the final stage of the journey:
Goodbye @ the Great Wall -- Diego, Monica, Lucie (link) [new video]
Markus and Ariadne say Goodbye at the Great Wall (link) [new video]
MeiHui and Noriko say Goodbye at the Great Wall (link) [new video]
The Allies go home (link) [new video]
A final message from me and Kai (link) [new video]
Alex posts the aforementioned videos on her blog - and says goodbye.
Larissa posts her thanks - including a [video].
  • Edwin Moses posts new videos documenting the Multiverse Olympics:
3-circuit labyrinth:
Multiverse Olympiad: Team Tokyo 3 Circuit Best Time (link) [new video]
Multiverse Olympiad: Team London 3 Circuit Best Time (link) [new video]
Multiverse Olympiad: Team Wellington 3 Circuit Best Time (link) [new video]
Multiverse Olympiad: Team SF 3 Circuit Best Time (link) [new video]
Multiverse Olympiad: Team Salvador 3 Circuit Best Time (link) [new video]
Multiverse Olympiad: Team Beijing 3 Circuit Labyrinth (link) [new video]
7-circuit labyrinth:
Multiverse Olympiad: Team Wellington 7 Circuit Best Time (link) [new video]
Multiverse Olympiad: Team London 7 Circuit Best Time (link) [new video]
Multiverse Olympiad: Team SF 7 Circuit Best Time (link) [new video]
Multiverse Olympiad: Team Salvador 7 Circuit Best Time (link) [new video]
Multiverse Olympiad: Team Beijing 7 Circuit Labyrinth (link) [new video]
The Multiverse Olympiad (link) [new video]

[edit] August 25

Alex posts the latest Edwin Moses videos about the lost sport.
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