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[edit] Artifacts

  • Locations indicated by the console at, after entering Omphaloi locations with their associated destinations.
  • I'm using a naming convention for the artifact as:
    • [Omphalos #][sequence found, A/B/C/etc] (and optionally the city name)
      eg, Cardiff was the first artifact found through omphalos #1 (Stephenville), so it's "1A (Cardiff)"
    There's no guarantee the artifacts will be found in order, so the contents are being ordered as they're found.
  • The artifacts contain pages of 27 chapters from the "Codex of the Lost Ring".
  • According to Ariadne (email to Jasper, March 16, 2008), players should TAKE the artifacts they find.
  • According to a blog post from Markus on each artifact location a "second story" can be found.
  • Kai set up a map on Flickr of the artifact locations.

[edit] Known artifact locations

Location Instructions Additional info Recovery
Omphalos 1
  • Cardiff, South Glamorgan, UK
City Hall
Entrance Hall
Affixed underside top drawer
Inside the room is a painting from 1887 titled "Hercules and Omphale" (source and photo) Artifact 1A contents
(March 14 by Ariadne)
  • Austin, Texas
History Center
Reading Room "Life of Sam Houston"
Reference Shelf 4th Row 2nd Shelf From Top

Book published 1855, by Charles Edward Lester

Artifact 1B contents
(March 15 by jasper)
Omphalos 2
  • Stockholm, Sweden
City Mission
Bread Store "Brave and Bold"
Above Cakes Empty Shelf

Book published 1874, by Horatio Alger, Jr.

Artifact 2A contents
(March 17 by Jooon)
  • Bruxelles, Belgium
Casa Manuel
Main room
Brick Wall
Righthand side of bar
Behind ink etching
-- Artifact 2B contents
(March 25 by Chid12 and Miguel Angel)
Omphalos 3
  • Shanghai, China
Cottons Bar
Patio Stone Lion
Octagon Empty Rock
-- Artifact 3A contents
(March 16 by Mara and L'el)
  • Seoul, Korea
Shin Old Tea House
Past tea counter
Main room
Far left wall
Inside English language book
Book is "Corneille's Polyeucte" by Alcee Fortier, 1891. Part of Heath's Modern Language Series. Artifact 3B contents
(April 2 by NZr and mr.judkins)
Omphalos 4
  • Sydney, Australia
Olympic Torches
Inside tubular support
Proximity to Olympic torches Artifact 4A contents
(March 19 by AJ and mr.judkins)
  • Johannesburg, South Africa
Aukland Park
Behind lecturn
Inside fireplace
(G)reen porcelain tiles
Cast iron cover, inside an envelope
Artifact found in Western Maryland Railway Company envelope. (source) Artifact 4B contents
(March 26 by Mav)
Omphalos 5
  • Vancouver, British Columbia
Vault Level
30 15 28
Ceiling, in an envelope
Artifact found in Western Maryland Railway Company envelope. (photos) Artifact 5A contents
(March 26 by RobMagus)
  • San Franciso, California
Ft Mason
Chained chest
Fake rock
"The Galilee served as the carrier for the Carnegie Oceanic Magnetic Survey party. The purpose of the survey was to correct the meager and inaccurate data of magnetic variations gathered up to 1905." (sources 1, 2, photos) Artifact 5B contents
(April 4 by hmrpita)
Omphalos 6
  • Tokyo, Japan
Hibi Building
3-20 Ogawa-machi Kanda
Bottom left mailbox
Doors and parallel entries (see photos), which corresponds to the chapter title. Artifact found in Western Maryland Railway Company envelope. (photos) Artifact 6A contents
(March 26 by QED, Lunch and unagi)
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
Robert’s Café
Counter built into window
Taped underneath
-- Artifact 6B contents
(April 4 by Muumin)
Omphalos 7
  • Buenos Aires
Ediciones Hector A. Macchidad
Yellow counter desk
Taped underside
Esperanto society in Paraguay St. in the 70's. Artifact found in Western Maryland Railway Company envelope. (source, photos) Artifact 7A contents
(March 31 by VictorSueiro)
  • Sao Paolo, Brazil
Casa Do Saber
Reception lobby
Between the wall and plant
picture of pickup location, from Larissa's Flickr Artifact 7B contents
(April 3 by Soso)
Omphalos 8
  • Hong Kong
Antique vase umbrella stand
-- Artifact 8A contents
(April 13 by lauraehall's friend)
(destroyed, save a blurry photo of the code)
  • Singapore
Art House
Go behind the elephant
Face the building
Corner of garden
Inside fake rock
-- Artifact 8B contents
(April 10 by AC07)
Omphalos 9
  • New York City
Ear Inn
By the table nearest the door
Under Menu
German Composition

German language textbook, part of Heath's Modern Language Series, 1898

Artifact 9A contents
(April 13 by Rivanor and friend)
  • Toronto
Pioneer Stories of the Mississippi Valley
Children's history book, by Charles McMurry, 1894 Artifact 9B contents
(April 12 by thebruce and dreamerblue)
Omphalos 10
  • Paris, France
Bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève
Salle LaBrouste
remove reference number: 822.3 Sha
inside secret King Lear
(Connection between Bacon/Shakespeare perhaps?) Artifact 10A contents
(April 16 by Thomas Bookmore)
  • Berlin, Germany
Mitte's Backpacker
2nd Floor Lobby
Left of bar
Hidden out of view, move books
"With Trumpet and Drum"
book of children's poetry by Eugene Field, 1896 Artifact 10B contents
(April 15 by Taurec, Junesune and her boyfriend)
Omphalos 11
  • London, UK
Print & Map
Just inside door, right
Low on wall
Behind old NA map
[link to map on UF] Artifact 11A contents
(April 22 by macmonkey)
  • Brest, France
Le Jabado
Side room
Lefthand corner
Under table
Pile of books
Inside envelope
Artifact 11B contents
(recovered May 4 by MAYAlabeille)
Omphalos 12
  • Melbourne, Australia
Eastern Hill
Chief Fire Officer
Fire Inspector's Desk
Top left hand drawer
Artifact 12A contents
(recovered April 23 by Runeix)
  • Okayama, Japan
Café Mo da TACSUM
Behind counter
Taped envelope
Artifact seekers: Take care!
Artifact 12B contents
(recovered April 25 by nagi)
Omphalos 13
  • Lausanne, Switzerland
Grassy Area
Statue D.P.
Inside Fake Rock
Artifact 13A contents
  • Bengaluru, India
Chauncery Pavillion
Pool-facing table
Taped Under
In Envelope
Artifact 13B contents
(recovered June 11 by Arun)
Omphalos 14
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Livraria Rio Antigo
Legends or Mirth and Marvels
London 1887
Artifact 14A contents
(recovered June 12)
  • unknown

[edit] Artifact contents

[edit] Cardiff
[edit] Austin
[edit] Stockholm
[edit] Shanghai
[edit] Sydney
[edit] Bruxelles
[edit] Vancouver

Western Maryland Railway Company
History of the WMR
photo tour
WMR Historical Society
[edit] Tokyo

Western Maryland Railway Company
(links, see above)
[edit] Johannesburg
[edit] Seoul
[edit] Buenos Aires
[edit] Sao Paolo
[edit] San Francisco
[edit] Copenhagen
[edit] Hong Kong
[edit] Singapore
[edit] New York City
[edit] Toronto
[edit] Paris
[edit] Berlin
[edit] London
[edit] Melbourne
[edit] Okayama
[edit] Brest
[edit] Lausanne
[edit] Bengaluru
[edit] Rio de Janeiro
[edit] (artifact 14B)
  • unknown
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