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[edit] Jorge

First spoken of by Monica, in her story "El hombre del laberinto" ("The man from the labyrinth").

Name: Jorge

[edit] Story
From Monica's video:
A man was found in 1888 in Stuartfield, Scotland, in the same manner as that of our amnesiacs. This man spoke Spanish and not English, and had a remarkable tattoo (a labyrinth like the one that Diego draws; under it are a greek word and the numbers 595 and 20). The people from the town helped him to get to Spain, and there he met her uncle. After a few months, this man left her family and went to London.

Her uncle knew nothing of him until 15 years later. He came with five other people and told him that they are working on something called "El codex del anillo perdido" ("The codex of the lost ring"). They gave Monica's uncle a piece of the work to hide - part of this is the postcard, and there is more hidden somewhere.

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