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[edit] Kai

Kai is Ariadne's friend, and webmaster of her site Findthelostring.com

Name: Kai Williams
Websites: Findthelostring.com (webmaster) Youtube profile / Flickr profile / dotSUB profile
Language: English


[edit] Youtube Profile

[edit] Meet Kai (on Ariadne's youtube)
(Transcription (Ariadne's blog))

[edit] Re: Hello, world. I need your help.


[edit] InterventionTim e
(Transcription (Ariadne's blog))
[edit] Everyone Arrives!

[edit] More allies in Beijing!

[edit] Our first training for Ariadne's Dance!

[edit] Ariadne arrives!

[edit] Beijing Omphalabyrinth

[edit] Ariadne's Dance

[edit] Noriko before our labyrinth races

[edit] MeiHui at the Great Wall

[edit] Diego @ The Great Wall

[edit] Markus @ The Great Wall

[edit] Diego and Monica Pre-Race

[edit] 7 Circuit Labyrinth Seed @ The Great Wall

[edit] Drawing a 7 circuit labyrinth

[edit] James Mutters @ The Great Wall

[edit] Thanks to Pita and Ariock for the Rope Protractor

[edit] Kai says goodbye

[edit] Goodbye @ the Great Wall -- Diego, Monica, Lucie

[edit] Markus and Ariadne say Goodbye at the Great Wall

[edit] MeiHui and Noriko say Goodbye at the Great Wall

[edit] The Allies go home

[edit] Thelostring.com details

  • Kai is on the pictures page (link) of TheLostRing.com, connected with a red thread to Ariande. He is living in San Fransisco.

[edit] Communication

[edit] emails

[edit] Twitter

(profile link)

  • getting tracksticks ready to send out! you can keep yours if you finish the mission. if you can't, you should pass it on...like the torch 2008-05-27T04:31:21+00:00 from web

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