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[edit] Sophrosune

Name: Sophrosune
Sign: Sun
Main attributes: balance, self-control, an open mind
creates: counsellors
Codex page: Ch.6 How to create the walls

Ch.8 Doors and Parallel Paths

Responsibility: Ensuring that all members of the wall obey these rules

Compile and study these coordinating reports (see Mythopoeia), analyzing them for details which possibly weakened or strengthened the tested alignment.

Envisioned by: Noriko
Agonothetai: Noriko, Monica,Others


I bring balance, self-control and an open mind to our mission. I am one of the advisors.

[edit] Missions

[edit] Help Diego

[edit] Help Diego with a dangerous and complicated mission! (Jul 21/08 1.02pm)
Okay, it's a dangerous and complicated mission. You KNOW I can't describe it in detail in public.
But... let's just say that something exciting is going down in Buenos Aires within the next week. And we need the help of thumos and sophrosune to make sure it goes off without a hitch.
If you want to help Diego and his allies in Argentina plan, send Diego an email NOW: Tell him you know about the special errand he has to run and you want to help with the plan.
He'll fill you in on the details, and you can help him make a really fail-proof plan.
There will be no Epic Fail on this mission. So write Diego and help him out!
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[edit] Runs in other worlds

solved: Ompahputer command: TRAINING

[edit] Figure out the competition! How fast do we have to get? (Jun 11/08 1.18pm)
If we want to win the gold on August 24th in the Multiverse Olympiad, we need to know what our teams are up against.
How fast are the fastest labyrinth teams in the other worlds?
Is there any way to find out?
Sophrosune and sofia, I think this is the perfect mission for you to team up on...
[edit] Links
  • Cooperative mission with Sofia
  • Wiki page:
  • unfiction thread

[edit] Ariadne's Dance

[edit] Figure out if Ariadne's dance really exists. (Apr 21/08 11.36am)
Sophrosune and Sofia, if Ariadne's dance ever really existed in this world, then surely you two can work together to find the evidence.

Chapter 24 of The Lost Ring Codex tells us that the best way to coordinate multiverse navigation is during the first two weeks of August, when the other worlds practice a nightly ritual. They call it "Ariadne's dance".

The Codex authors say that the tradition was somewhat known in this world. Can you find out if Ariadne's dance really exists? If so, are there any instructions in this world that teach us how to do it?

I guess we have to make like Eli Hunt and do a little research...
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[edit] Labyrinths

[edit] Start a Log of Record Training Times for the Lost Sport (Apr 21/08 11.36am)
Start a Log of Record Training Times for the Lost SportNow that people are training all over the world to become champion lost sport athletes, we need to start a log of which teams are recording the fastest times on the different labyrinths.

We can record fastest times and the names of runners in each city that is training.

It's also probably important to log names of team members for the wall who are committed to continued training. Because one thing we now know for sure is that have a smart, fast, and well-synchronized wall is at least as important as having a fast runner!

Eventually, when we do our synchronizing labyrinths, I think it will be important to be able to match up runners of similar talent on all of the different continents.

One thing I was thinking about as I watched videos of runners from the different cities... I don't know if in other worlds, they compete men and women separately. We know for sure that the ancient Greeks only allowed men to compete in their Olympiad, but obviously the modern games have both men champions and women champions. Clearly, our teams can and should include both men and women in the same wall, but we should probably keep track of fastest men and fastest women's times. What do you think?

Sophrosune, as the referees for the Lost Sport, you should be able to help a lot with this mission. And mythopoeia, as the official documenters for training events and synchronizing labyrinths, your strength will be important to include as well.

Well, let's start a log forums -- or if you design a log somewhere else, please post a link on the discussion thread!
[edit] Create a Personal Labyrinth Register (Apr 15/08 10.37am)
Sophrosune and Mythopoeia, here are the instructions from the Lost Ring Codex:

You must sign the personal labyrinth register.

You must show to the many worlds your intentions to finish the rite beforehand, by signing the labyrinth register.

In the register, you must write your name, your location, your chosen place for the labyrinth, and the date that you intend to finish the rite. You must write this information at least one a day beforehand.

The labyrinth register must be kept in the omphaloi. Typically, each main city has its own register.

I honestly have no idea how or where we are supposed to do this.

Is the register physical? Or can it be digital?

What omphaloi are we supposed to keep it in?

If have a feeling we need to start running personal labyrinths soon, but not until we can figure out how to declare our intentions in the register...

Help! Please build us a personal labyrinth register!

[edit] Missions need help!

[edit] Help Diego, Lucie, and Meihui on their missions! (Apr 2/08 7.20pm)
Sophrusune, you can help the agonothetai combine strengths!

Suddenly, all of the "six allies" seems to be on a different mission. That's good, of course -- because we all have different strengths. But I want to make sure we all have a chance to help each other and join forces!

I'm dikaiosune -- so I'm spending most of my time organizing lost sport training events.

Diego is Mythopoeia, and he has finally started telling us a pretty big story: the story of his geographic investigations! What did he learn, and what can we do with it?

Lucie is Chariton, and it sounds like she's on a mission to make our "ring" of agonothetai even bigger. Her latest blog post seems to say she's off to the middle east to find new allies? Can we help her?

Meihui is sofia, and she's... well, what IS Meihui doing?? Her latest blog post is "The whole new me?" and I'm not sure what that means. I see she's still collecting the Lost Ring Codex chapters, but what's her current mission? Can you talk to her and figure out how, exactly, she's putting her sofia skills to use?

Help us track everyone's missions so we can be sure to help each other, and combine our strengths!
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[edit] Translate and distribute the Codex

[edit] Share the The Lost Ring Codex! (Mar 16/08 9.13pm)
Sophrosune, your strength can help us share our most important clues with as many people as possible.

We have English language translations of The Lost Ring Codex. But the codex was hidden all over the world for a reason. It's meant for more eyes than our own.

Can you help us prepare versions of the codex for as many people as possible?

If you can't translate the text, can you find others?

Our 8 languages would be a start. But of course there are many more... Kai built our forums so we can create new ones whenever we need them. Let me know -- do we need a Dutch forum? A Hindi forum? We can make one!
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[edit] What is "The Lost Ring"

[edit] Figure out what "the lost ring" really is, so we can actually find it! (Mar 21/08 10.02am)
Sophrosune, your strength can help us figure out exactly what our mission is.

It's pretty hard to "find" something when you have no idea what it is.

We know we have to "trovu la ringon perditan" -- find the lost ring.

But seriously, what IS the lost ring?

We've been working together for three weeks now, and we still haven't figured out exactly what we're supposed to be finding.

I say we make a list of all of the possible theories, and then we can discuss and take a vote.

What is "the lost ring"? And how will we know if we've "found" it?
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[edit] Players List with this main strength

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