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Chapter 6: How to create the walls
(translation by limako)
How to create the walls
The walls of the labyrinth are formed with athletes' bodies.
A 3-circuit training labyrinth needs at least 10 athletes, plus the runner.
A 5-circuit training labyrinth needs at least 12 athletes, plus the runner.
A 7-circuit official Olympic labyrinth needs at least 15 athletes, plus the runner.
All athletes, except the runner, stand on a string, forming walls around the runner.
Unless you assemble a very large team of 150 or more, you will not have enough athletes to make the entire labyrinth at the beginning of the competition.
Instead, you will create the walls when they are needed, beginning in the center and accordingly outward. While the runner moves through the labyrinth, the wall moves with the runner.
During competition
When the runner approaches you, start to turn.
When the runner goes by you, cease humming.
When the runner is completely past you, leave your place and move along the way.
The wall has to move faster than the runner to ensure that the the runner is always surrounded by walls.
The wall should never speak to the runner.
The wall must never intentionally touch the runner.
If the runner becomes disoriented, the runner may run directly into the wall. The wall must maintain its balance and stand firm.
The Sophrusune {greek} is responsible for ensuring that all members of the wall obey these rules.
Proof of Recovery: JKC7/C8JB/5ARH/MBM2/3ITE

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