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Chapter 8: Doors and Parallel Paths
(translation by Hikaro)
Doors and Parallel Paths Ch. 8

Agonothetai organize synchronous labyrinths across the many worlds because they create a perfect coordination: one design, one path, and one direction.

All synchronous labyrinth runners share a single journey, experienced in perfect parallel, creating a little wave of powerful synchronicity across the many, many worlds.

This sudden explosion of synchronicity pulls the worlds closer temporarily, creating a door only long enough to allow communication and movement between them.

To create perfectly parallel and synchronous contests is very challenging, and certain strength is required to ensure success.

The Dikaiosune are responsible, during the Synchronizing Events, for measuring the time of the commencement of the contest at the precise prearranged interval by the multiple worlds.

The Mythopoeia are responsible for creating independent coordinating reports about labyrinth training sessions and contests. These documents must include as many details as possible about the athletes and the location.

The Agonothetai, and specifically the Sophrosune, will compile and study these coordinating reports, analyzing them for details which possibly weakened or strengthened the tested alignment.

Proof of Recovery: C6FB/C7ER/333G/8R2A/XV7Q

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