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[edit] Thumos

Name: Thumos
Sign: Lion
Main attributes: courage, energy, determination
creates: adventurers
Codex page: Ch.7 While running in the labyrinth
Responsibility: training and development of running talent
Envisioned by: Markus
Agonothetai: Markus, Others


I bring courage, energy and determination to our mission. I am one of the adventurers.

[edit] Missions

[edit] Help Diego

[edit] Help Diego with a dangerous and complicated mission! (Jul 21/08 1.02pm)
Okay, it's a dangerous and complicated mission. You KNOW I can't describe it in detail in public.
But... let's just say that something exciting is going down in Buenos Aires within the next week. And we need the help of thumos and sophrosune to make sure it goes off without a hitch.
If you want to help Diego and his allies in Argentina plan, send Diego an email NOW: Tell him you know about the special errand he has to run and you want to help with the plan.
He'll fill you in on the details, and you can help him make a really fail-proof plan.
There will be no Epic Fail on this mission. So write Diego and help him out!
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[edit] James' Promotion


[edit] Let's help James get promoted up Theo's ranks (Jun 11/08 1.20pm)
James has agreed to help us get our omph strength up. In return, he wants to get promoted up Theo's ranks.
It's not so hard -- according to his boss Renata, he just needs 27 new Theo recruits from all over the world.
The new recruits need to take the Oath of Theo on vidoe, and to complete an un-initiation mission.
Email James at to get your uninitiation instructions and the text of the oath.
I know, I know. Some of us still think Theo members are the bad guys. Trust me, it's no BFF alliance. But Kai thinks it's for the best. And Kai, I trust.
But for now, because we all want to get home and save the worlds, we're in a kind of alliance... I guess.
So chariton and thumos, this is all up to you. Can you marshall 27 people brave enough to join forces with thumos?
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[edit] Theo's Mind

[edit] Know thy enemy - and get inside Theo's mind (May 4/08 10.22am)
Chariton and Thumos, your strengths combined can give us the human insight and courage we need to play with, or against, Theo.

According to The Art of War, by Sun Tzu: "If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not your enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle."

Many of us consider ourselves enemies of Theo -- despite that fact that we don't understand him (them? it?) very well. Our job is to understand the enemy so as to defeat the enemy. Meanwhile perhaps some other sect of us considers ourselves potential allies. Their job is to understand the enemy so as to cooperate with the enemy.

Both roads may be worth taking, at least for part of our journey.

We have few clues to Theo's intentions. However, a friend of MeiHui's named Thermantia has recently reached out to some of us with what seems to be an important clue.

Perhaps if you are interested in learning more about Theo and its purposes, you would enjoy the historical information at this website, which I have recently stumbled upon. It is more learned than it would appear at first glance.

Is Thermantia a sympathizer with Theo's cause? A friend of Theo? Or even a member of Theo? Perhaps Chariton can help us understand more about Thermantia, while Thumos continues to make its own investigation of Theo...
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[edit] Labyrinth running

[edit] Practice running the labyrinth pattern! (Apr 2/08 4.48pm)
Thumos, you're our natural born labyrinth runners. So we need you to start practicing the lost sport now!

You don't need to wait to get a team together to start training. You can lay out the labyrinth pattern or chalk it on the pavement, and start running it with your eyes open.

Let your muscle memory kick into action. Soon you'll be be able to run the pattern blindfolded at the training events -- and eventually, during our synchronized competitions!

Catch up on the rules of the Lost Sport.
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[edit] Dangers of the Lost Ring

[edit] Spot the dangers - what are we risking? (Mar 16/08 9.00pm)
Thumos, your strength can help us figure out the dangers of trying to uncover the secrets of The Lost Ring. (And if we're lucky, how to prevent them!)

Eli Hunt warned us to be careful in his confession. And the first chapter of The Lost Ring Codex warns of potential dangers.

But what do these warnings really mean? What, EXACTLY, could go wrong?

Not everyone has the guts to imagine the worst. But you do, Thumos. So lay it out for us.
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[edit] Bruxelles Artifact

[edit] Investigate the artifact in Bruxelles (Mar 21/08 9.36am)


Thumos, your strength can help us solve a mystery.

So far, no one knows what happened to the artifact hidden in Casa Manuel in Bruxelles.

The omphaputer says someone entered the recovery code at least once.

But who? And why haven't they shared the code with me, or any of our friends? Is the artifact even really gone?

I really, really want to see the next chapter. We can't just forget about this artifact! If someone took it, we need to know who. And if it's still there, we need to go get it!

Can you organize and lead this investigation?
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