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Chapter 7: While running in the labyrinth
(translation by Hikaro & Nicolas)
While running in the labyrinth

You will begin at the center of the labyrinth, and will navigate your way outwards.
You will be blindfolded during the length of the event.
You will keep your arms folded across your chest at all times.
You will navigate by sound. The wall will hum in order to guide you.
You will run through the labyrinth by yourself.
Your time will be measured. Finish the labyrinth as quickly as possible.


To navigate the labyrinth blindfolded is very disorienting, but an exciting experience.
To train to become a labyrinth runner means to develop these skills:

Becoming Spatially Oriented
Maintaining Speed


Speed is relative inside the labyrinth. The majority of the labyrinth runners do not in fact run instead they walk as quickly as possible.
The majority of runners will never actually run an entire labyrinth to the end, even after years of training. It is an unobtainable achievement to which each runner aspires, but only the best succeed.


Runners are disqualified on account of the following actions:
Removing the blindfold
Knocking down the wall
Returning to the center by mistake
Reversing direction and moving backwards to the center, past the end of the wall, if the wall is moving further along the path.
In all of these cases, the Sophros[u]ne [Greek letters] are responsible for the identification and announcement of disqualifiers.

Proceeding Strategies

Control your fear! Fear is the biggest obstacle to speed in the labyrinth.
Remember the design of the labyrinth so that you can see it in your mind when you are blindfolded! Find or create labyrinth floor plans. Practice walking and running on it without a blindfolded. This develops muscle memory of the design.

The thumos [Greek Letters] is responsible for training and development of running talent. They often are themselves superior runners.

Proof of Reprocurement: R8KP/HJD2/BN2M/ENV3/7JAA

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