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[edit] Dikaiosune

Name: Dikaiosune
Sign: Wing
Main attributes: leadership, direction, focus
creates: leaders
Codex page: Ch.5 Preparing the human labyrinth

Ch.8 Doors and Parallel Paths

Responsibility: Putting together and administering a team to arrange the labyrinth before training sessions and competitions

Measuring the time of the commencement of the contest at the precise prearranged interval of the multiple worlds (during the Synchronizing Events).

Envisioned by: Ariadne
Agonothetai: Full list


I bring leadership, direction and focus to our mission. I am one of the pilots.

[edit] Missions

[edit] Go North

[edit] Finish the Omphalos Network! Find allies in Alaska, Scandinavia! (Jul 21/08 1.00pm)
Kai geeked out a little bit for us. Using the latest omphaputer display, he made a map for us showing the current coverage of our omphalos network.
You can see it here: http://www.findthelostring.com/ariadne/detail.do?postId=1764
Look at all that empty space we haven't covered yet!
According to the Lost Ring Codex, our network has to cover 85% of the earth's surface. We are so TOTALLY not covering 85% of the earth's surface yet.
"Now obviously" -- Kai says in his most sofia voice -- "We aren't quite as bad off as this flat projection makes it look. That arctic and antarctic space represents a much smaller percentage of overall earth surface than this projection makes it look. But we still have to get better northern coverage. Judging from this map, an omph knot anywhere in Alaska and anywhere in Scandinavia (the more north, the better) would be absolutely ideal. With those two spots add to the network, we WILL be up to about 85% coverage."
Thanks, Kai.
So who is working on this mission?
Chariton, can you find allies for us?
Sofia, can you mock up labyrinths that won't intimidate our allies in some possible cities -- Copenhagen, Umea, Helsinki, Oulu, Anchorage?....
Dikaoisune, can you lead the charge on this to make sure it actually happens?
Let me add: We all know that we're currently 9 nodes short. Most of those nodes can be built anywhere, so if you have a trackstick or if you WANT a trackstick, get to it! Here's the official reminder:
"We still need a few more city captains! There's barely enough time to get a trackstick from Kai before August 8th, so GO GO GO GO! Submit a labyrinth design to Eli at thelostgames@gmail.com and ask Kai for a trackstick at kaitown@gmail.com!
If YOU want to experience the POWER of the OMPHALOS, then you have to join our global network of city captains. Let's go, we have just over 2 and a half weeks to go!"
[edit] Links

[edit] Labyrinth testing

[edit] Plan and test a synchronizing labyrinth (May 4/08 10.54am)
Dikaiosune and Mythopoeia, we need your strength to prepare for the Multiverse Olympiad.

We have to create a plan for synchronizing labyrinths -- and we have to practice them before the Olympiad.

We still have three months before the Multiverse Olympiad is held. (Assuming that it takes place in August, which the Lost Ring Codex suggests.)

In order to synchronize with all six types of worlds, we'll have to synchronize six labyrinths on this world-- most likely, one on each continent. Once we make the omph knot, we should be able to get more information from the other worlds about times and dates of the Multiverse Olympiad. But between now and then, we need to figure out how to organize our own Olympic-level labyrinth events, how to geographically coordinate them with each other and the other worlds, and how to train our runners to be competitive in a race against the other worlds.

It seems like there are three key challenges, which dikaiosune and mythopoeia can hep solve now.


We'll have to find space for and learn how to lay out Olympic-level labyrinths (as opposed to the smaller training labyrinths).

We'll also have to learn how to orient the labyrinth in the same direction across the multiverse. Along what axis does the exit line up with the center? (As one member of team agonothetai has already suggested on the forums... does the omphalos code help here?)


How can we coordinate the races to start at exactly the same second in each of our six labyrinths?


How can we identify the athletes who will compete in the Multiverse Olympiad? Who are the fastest runners, and how will they train to get good enough to synchronize with runenrs in worlds where the human labyrinth is NOT a lost sport? Perhaps we should begin to identify contenders now, so they have time to train sufficiently...

Dikaisune and Mythopoeia, you are our best hope for coming up with a plan and with beautiful instructions or even a video guide for preparing and testing synchronizing labyrinths...

[edit] Top 10 List


[edit] Make a Top 10 List of Things We've Learned from the Codex (Apr 21/08 11.15am)
The original six travelers wrote a truly epic story. We've found almost all of it, so I think it's time to start figuring out what matters most.
We need to boil down the epic story the original six travelers wrote to a "must know" document.
What are the Top 10 Things we've learned from the Lost Ring Codex so far?
Let's work together on this mission on the forums.
Post your suggestions for the list, or make your own complete list. When we've collectively got our favorite top 10 list, I'll blog it.
I think Sofia (the knowledge seekers) and Dikaiosune (the list makers, among other things!) would be especially helpful for this mission, but really EVERYONE's POV would be good to have for our top 10 so we make sure we don't miss anything vital.
[edit] Links

[edit] Training Events

[edit] Organize lost sport training events! (Apr 2/08 7.11pm)
Dikaiosune, the Codex names YOU as the leaders of our Lost Sport training events!

We don't know anyone who is actually good at this sport yet -- at least, not in this world. So ANYONE could turn out to be the world's best. We need to get as many people playing as possible to discover our own lost game champions! There are lost Olympic champions out there just waiting to be discovered... champion runners, and champion walls!

We've got our upcoming group for Labyrinth Training Events.

But there are lots of different ways to organize and promote training events. Share your best ideas with each other, and remember: every training session, no matter how small, is important!

[edit] Unite everyone

[edit] Organize our team of "agonothetai"! (Mar 16/08 8.46pm)
Dikaiosune, your strength can help prepare us for the important missions ahead.

Are we the new secret "game keepers" for the Summer 2008 Olympics?

If so, then we need to how many of us there are, what are each of our ancient strengths, and where in the world we are.

Can you help track our members, and broadcast everyone's strengths and locations?

Where are our weaknesses, in terms of strengths and locations? (And how can we get stronger?)

Use our discussion forums, or any other tool you want!
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[edit] Players List with this main strength

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