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[edit] Top 10 Things We've Learned About How the World(s) Work

After giving us the mission of generating a list of Top 10 Things Learned from the Codex, Ariadne posted a compilation of the results to her blog:

[edit] 1. We live in a multiverse.

Our world is not the only world. It is just one of trillions of worlds in something called the "multiverse". The multiverse is like a tree with infinitely many branches, and each branch represents one version of reality. Really different versions of reality can exist simultaneously, and new branches are created every time a human or geological decision is made. Human beings accelerate this branching process due to the multitude of decisions they make every day.

[edit] 2. The multiverse is a very dangerous place.

There is a limit on the total number of possible worlds that the Multiverse can sustain. When this limit is reached, an elastic reaction destroys the vast majority of the worlds to rapidly reduce the number of simultaneous realities. To avoid the Elastic reaction, each individual world is subject drastic natural processes of self-correction, such as earthquakes and a "Rapid Continental Change" into a geological state known as "neopangaea". These processes violently reduce the number of worlds, which protects the multiverse, but at great cost to human life. Worlds that are most unlike the rest of the mulitverse are known as "outliers", and they are most vulnerable.

[edit] 3. But... if we make Human Labyrinths, there's hope.

Humans can reverse the branching process by playing carefully coordinated sports across the many worlds. These sports give athletes the capacity to control the number of alternate realities. This was known by the Ancient Greeks, who created an Olympic sport known as "The Human Labyrinth". They found that carefully controlled blindfolded navigation through labyrinths was highly effective in bringing separate worlds closer together.
To achieve this effect, a synchronous labyrinth is organized across many worlds, thus its center will be in a special, pre-determined space that is the same across each universe. The runners "share a single journey, experienced in perfect parallel, creating a little wave of powerful synchronicity across the many, many worlds", pulling "the worlds closer temporarily, creating a door only long enough to allow communication and movement between them."

[edit] 4. Okay. It's not quite that easy.

In 480 BC, an alliance of Ancient Greek city-states forbade the Labyrinth as a sport. They felt that the visions experienced by runners during synchronization of many worlds was offensive to the gods, dismantled the sporting labyrinths and forbade the spread of information about the sport and its athletes. Thus, the ancient tradition of the Olympiad had been abandoned in this world, although labyrinth structures from many time periods still remain - perhaps established by a secret group of supporters of this ancient tradition. However, if there are any supporters left here, they are unknown to us. It seems that in this world, we are on our own.

[edit] 5. The good news is, we have help from the other worlds.

The Lost Ring Codex was written nearly 100 years ago by a team of 6 multiverse travelers who came to our world to help us revive the lost sport. They left behind the Codex as a record of their mission. They wrote and hid the Codex to help future travelers succeed, in the event that the original team failed.
The mission has proven quite difficult to accomplish. The original team failed, as have many others. For more than a century, approximately every four years, groups of 6 "agonothetai", or game keepers, have been sent to our world to revive the lost sport.
Earlier this year, a new group of 6 agonothetai appeared with no memories of who they are or where they come from. The Codex tells us: "To save the world, the six must work together."

[edit] 6. To succeed in our mission, we all have to combine our strengths.

We are on a journey to create a new secret team of agonothetai. Our mission is to learn the lost sport, and to revive the tradition of the Multiverse Olympiad. And the Codex teaches us that "The journey begins with knowing one's own strength."
Just as there are six agonothetai travelers from other worlds, there are six kinds of ancient strengths that all of us bring to this mission. These six ancient strengths work together to form the essential whole.
  • Sofia creates knowledge-seekers.
  • Thumos creates adventurers.
  • Chariton creates connectors.
  • Dikaiosune creates leaders.
  • Sophrosune creates advisors.
  • Mythopoeia creates truth-finders.

[edit] 7. The Multiverse Olympiad is a REALLY big part of the mission.

Most other worlds compete in something known as the Multiverse Olympiad. It's like our Olympics, but way, way bigger. It brings together athletes from all over the world to compete against athletes from all over the OTHER worlds. It's athletic synchronization on mass scale, and so it's very effective in preventing Elastic Response and Rapid Continental Changes. It appears that OUR world is one of the very few worlds, or perhaps even the only surviving world, that no longer participates in this tradition, making us the ultimate "outlier" world -- and putting us at tremendous risk.

[edit] 8. We have to learn "Pan-Cosmology".

When trying to synchronize labyrinths and other sports across the multiverses, we are faced with the puzzle of parallel geography. Other Earths within reality have dramatically different configurations of land masses. A city in one world will have a different location on the globe in an alternate world. There are 6 primary configurations of continents across the multiverse, so a city in our world has 5 other primary locations on the Earth's surface. For athletic synchronization to work , all 6 configurations must be taken into account.

[edit] 9. We have to take the Mulitverse Oath.

As members of the new secret agonothetai in this world, we must accept our responsibility as ring leaders of the multiverse Olympiad:
All of the parallel worlds are equally real.
But one is the original world, the world from which history was born, the world from which is the source of all assembled knowledge.
The original world is the true unique omphaloi, the navel of reality itself.
There the Oracle of Delphi first acquired vision.
There the Oracle of Delphi brought about the first who saw the many, the first who saw the six, the first who witnessed the bloodshed.
We will protect the one true omphaloi against the change, by means of the glory of our sport, and the honor of our teams.
We convene in the spirit of unity. We rescued the one to save the many.
As one circle of athletes we celebrate the world, for the celebration of all the worlds.

[edit] 10. There's still a lot to learn... and a lot to do together.

In summary: We believe that the current team of six must recruit members for a new global Agonothetai who will study the labyrinth, learn the science of athletic synchronization, build labyrinths and practice the lost sport, understand the theory of the many worlds, and build a secure network of Omphaloi. When the six are sure that the Agonothetai will continue the ancient traditions, they can return home.
In the meantime, we are trying to organize groups of people around the world to use the guidelines in the Codex to train in the Lost Olympic Sport. Join us!
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