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[edit] Puzzles


[edit] Things to solve

[edit] 6 athletic attributes

On the second podcast from Eli Hunt the six attributes of an athlete are mentioned:

  • sofia = wisdom
  • thumos = courage
  • chariton = charm
  • dikaiosune = leadership
  • sophrosune = temperance
  • mythopeia = storytelling

The 6 amnesiacs suddenly "remember" names:

  • Mei Hui = sofia696 (see video)
  • Markus = thumos696 (see blog entry)
  • Noriko = sophrosune696 (see video)
  • Diego = mythopoeia696 (see video)
  • Lucie = chariton696

The number 696 is a reference that 2008 is in the 696th olympiad (= 4 years) since the first olympiad (776 BC).

[edit] The Lost Ring - Trailers

  • The first trailer (available on youtube or on thelostring.com) contains some hidden text and phrases. And, wherever there's text to transcribe, it of course must be documented!
  • The second trailer (available here) contains mostly the same hidden imagery.

[edit] Eli podcast pictures

  • There are several pictures from the Eli podcasts, which still need translation/interpretation.
  • To avoid redundant information, the pictures could be found with the respective podcasts

[edit] Monica and the story of 1888

[edit] Codex of the Lost Ring
  • the postcard from Monica's uncle's friend Jorge is dealt with in Jorge's Postcard
  • Monica sent a scan of the book she showed in the video

  • There is an Omphalos Code in the book: 595 Trident 20
    • 595 Stadion are about 110 km
    • Trident --> Poseidon --> Pisces --> South --> 180 degree plus 20 degree offset --> 200 degree
    • Target point (?) is 110 km SSW of the starting point (?)
    • Map of postcard locations with the diary's omphalos code (here[1]) (does not seem to produce reasonable results)
    • This seem to be a reasonable result:[Here] (Stuartfield-Arbroath) Stuartfield its the place where Jorge appears

[edit] The Omphalos Code

  • After finding The Secret of Eli's, and watching his podcast on the omphalos code, much studying is going in to map out the code system itself, a matrix of greek gods, representative images, and the zodiac
  • Details can be found at Omphalos

[edit] The Secret

  • a rotating earth, random dots on populated areas, some red, some green - what's the significance?
    puzzle trail at The Secret

[edit] Questions and mysteries

[edit] Who runs - The Secret?
  • Meihui asked the question in her video on March 12, pointing out the likelihood that Eli isn't running it.

[edit] What exactly is the "lost ring", and can it(?) be found?
  • Is the "ring" a thing to be found, or is "lost" referring to a state of being, where the thing can't be "found" per se, but rather more like "forgotten", "ancient", or "abandoned". -- have we already found the lost ring? Is the new Pan Cosmologizer the key to finding this ring?
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