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[edit] March 12, 2008

Text by flipthefrog:
Where should I go next, then?
What does this site really mean?
Help me!!
I'm really confused...
Summary by Ranger D's Coworker:
She's glad Ariadne and Eli finally met up, and that Ariadne is really smart.
Eli is reluctant to help.
There is a website with no url, only an IP address, and it is all black when it loads.
She entered "FIND THE LOST RING" and saw she needs to authenticate.
So she entered "SOFIA696", and saw it ask for the biostat info. (like we have all seen, but my guy was unsure of what exactly she was saying, possibly because she's using some local reference, ie. SS for social security)
She entered all the correct info and it came back successful. (again, he's unsure exactly the words she is seeing, but they mean 'authenticated', 'active' or 'successful')
She asks, since the site is not made by Eli, who could be running it?

Tags: 寻找圆环 amnesia 美惠 ariadne blindfold findthelostring labyrinth meihui memory tattoo のりこ 迷宮 記憶喪失 noriko 失忆症

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