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[edit] Renata

Name: Renata

from the Late Latin Renatus (reborn), which is derived from renascor (to be born again, to grow or rise again). The name was a common baptismal name signifying spiritual rebirth.

Current location: California, US ?


  • Larissa said 4 years ago she met a girl called Renata that shared the fate of Ariadne (amnesia, woke up in labyrinth), but one day she disappeared

[edit] Renata's Necklace

  • pictures of Renatas necklage
Larissa posted in this photo in a blog entry
Larissa posted in this photo in a blog entry
This photo was attached to an email to lukefj from Larissa (forum post)
This photo was attached to an email to lukefj from Larissa (forum post)

[edit] Hollywood Photograph

Larissa received a photograph of Renata from January 2007, showing her standing in front of the Hollywood sign in California. On the back was a message from Theo:

   Renata didn't to disappear 
   She just didn't want you involved 
   Stay out of it 

[edit] Communication

[edit] Chats

//  via Chat between lukefj and Larissa (interesting things bolded)
me: hola Larissa
Thank you for taking more pictures of the necklace
better images may let us identify it.
Sent at 2:04 PM on Thursday
larissa: no problem
me: Have you made any progress in finding Renata?
larissa: i'm almost done with job, then i send the pictures
me: Excellent.
larissa: no
i don't know what to do
me: I think if we can find the origin of the necklace it may provide us with some insight
larissa: ok
me: Did she ever speak of being blindfolded or any type of sport that she enjoyed?
larissa: do you think that the others know Renata?
me: I'm not sure any of the otehrs know each other, but all of their circumstances are similar.
larissa: i can't understand why she is not out like the others
me: I think if we find information on one, it will help with the others
She disappeared much earlier than the otehrs.
larissa: renata like running
me: Did she run long distances or did she like to run short distances fast?
Sent at 2:11 PM on Thursday
larissa: she run long but she could be fast too
please appear my email for you friends youtube message not work good
but she liked to run long more
me: I will make sure all who are working on this get your picture and any messages you wish me to pass on.
larissa: she was good in finding places too
i like your help very much
me: She was good at navigating? did she use anything ro she could just naturally find things?
larissa: i am just learning about internet, I think great about all
she was natural
she could remember even if she was there only one time
me: Did she tell you of other things that she enjoyed to do?
larissa: she meditated
i can't think of
me: I am trying to find a common link in terms of sport that all of these people have in common.
larissa: she was just like other girls, but she sometimes behaved strangely
me: How so, what behaviours did she show?
Sent at 2:18 PM on Thursday
larissa: sometimes she would be concentrated in thinking (distant), sad but she feel better when she run...she run lot, lot
me: So she would get sad after she meditated and running would lift her spirits.
Perhaps she remembered or saw ething while she meditated that upset her. Did she speak of this?
Sent at 2:21 PM on Thursday
larissa: she would take bus in São Paulo in morning and come back in night late
i think she was not tell me everything
me: did she say what she would do there?
who she met?
Sent at 2:23 PM on Thursday
larissa: I afraid to tell much, because i does not know if danger, I does not want put the others in danger too
she never tell
me: I have not seen or heard of any threats to the others. They are lost, but do not appear to be in danger.
larissa: i got to go work, can I email later
me: yes. PLease do. I look forward to the pictures.
I will make sure everyone gets them
larissa: but why would renata left with no explanation
me: Perhaps something in Sao Paulo?
larissa: ...sorry i have to work
thanks you so so much
me: I will see what I can find
larissa: boa sorte, meanings good luck
Sent at 2:27 PM on Thursday

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