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[edit] Find The Lost Ring

[edit] 2008 Summer Olympics, Beijing China - Aug 8 - Aug 24, 2008

"Trovu la ringon perditan"

Welcome to the wiki! This site is a reference intended to track all the information about the mystery surrounding a Lost Ring, revealed through packages sent to people around the world at the end of February 2008.

This is a global event leading up to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing

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[edit] Current nutshell

In February 2008, six people awoke, blindfolded and garbed in athletic attire, in labyrinths scattered across the world. None remember their past, but all bear a tattoo on their arm reading Trovu la ringon perditan, or "Find the lost ring" in Esperanto.

Meanwhile, historian Eli Hunt began posting a series of podcasts on ancient Olympic mysteries on his website. Could "The Lost Games" be related to the lost ring, we wondered? Though he first disavowed all knowledge of the subject, after a bit of persuasion from Ariadne, one of the six athletes, Mr. Hunt admitted that he has been on a lifelong quest to find the lost ring. He shared with us his secret discovery - a mysterious computer system that keeps track of geographical landmarks (known as omphaloi) which point the way to chapters of the Codex of the Lost Ring. The Codex contains 27 chapters.

But, wait! It is not as safe to conduct this search out in the open as we first thought. Someone stole the artifact that was hidden in Brussels. Shortly after, Ariadne's room was broken into, and the Cardiff artifact stolen. The intruder left a postcard warning everyone to leave this mystery alone. He also contacted Larissa with the same warning just a few days later. As danger grows, we're going to have to put our individual strengths together to solve this puzzle. You can discover your strength and your mission here.

We also know of two former groups of amnesiacs who have tried to decipher this puzzle. Larissa tells us of Renata, a member of a group from just four years ago. Renata apparently disappeared before anything could happen - but is this true? The other group is from almost a hundred years ago. Jorge and his fellow amnesiacs are the ones who left us the Codex. Our friend Monica's uncle, Alfredo, still possesses some of their other documents, things they didn't include in the Codex. But who knows what they really mean? How can we solve this mystery? Time is running out. Will Ariadne, Diego, Lucie, Markus, MeiHui and Noriko disappear like Renata?

Help us put together all of these puzzle pieces and save the world, before it's too late!

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[edit] To-dos/Outstanding
  • populate the glossary
  • complete blog mirroring using the blog template
  • get remaining significant interactions in the timeline, populate the 'summary' placeholders; perhaps summarize the interactions in larger paragraphs, still linked
  • make sure all pictures from Thelostring.com#Collage thelostring cue collage are on the character's pages
  • summarize chapters/sections in the Timeline and move content to separate pages (make sure summaries follow 'updt' format so the link to the item still works in the RSS feed)
  • transcribe Thelostring.com trailers, thumbnail special frames/hints
  • add categories to images, add links to pages where their transcriptions/translations are located if available
  • verify that any translated block of text uses the Interaction template (adds necessary categories automatically for the page)
  • administrative: create custom tag for embedding inline non-youtube/google video embeds
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