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[edit] Theo - "The Opposition"

  • On March 24, Ariadne reported in her blog that someone had broken into her room and stolen the Cardiff artifact. The intruder left behind a warning message on a postcard, signed Theo.
  • Is Theo the same as the Theodosius described in the trailers as the Roman Emperor who banned the original Olympic Games in 393 AD?
  • Theo is possibly seen by Markus on April 16 as Markus was traveling.
  • More information about Theo was revealed during James' interrogation.

[edit] Suspected members

[edit] First Contact

  • A group (La Sekto) tried to establish a contact with Theo
  • At the London artifact pick-up location the following note was left:
You have our attention, and the Agonothetai have our mistrust.
They were told to find space for their labyrinths. They were told to hide them in plain sight.
We too have found 'space', and we too have hidden it in plain sight.
Look to the source, and study it, as one in London might study the works of Shakespeare to determine their authorship.
We will contact you soon.
La Sekto
  • The note includes hints to look at the source code of a post in Ariadne's forum and to use Bacon Code to decode to hidden message by looking at the spaces and double-spaces
  • The following text (original spacing could be found in this wiki entry!) was used to hide the message:
Long time reader, first time poster.

It seems to me that there is a lot of noise going on in this community of Agonothetai, but very little clarity. I’ve been putting the pieces together, and the most important step to finding out the truth seems rather plain.

Despite the momentary contact members had with him a couple weeks ago, we have heard almost nothing from Eli Hunt in some time. He is the one and only informed person we’ve been dealing with so far, and he’s not helping.

If we look at those recent emails people received, however, we can see that there are others who appear to be even more informed than him: “Theo”.

Eli’s haiku to krystyn is particularly revealing of what he knows:

“AWOL is safer.
They must not see me coming.
Theo won't win again.”

He clearly refers to “they”, indicating that we are talking about a group. This is then followed up by the claim they won’t win “again”. It seems that our “friend” Eli has come up against this group “Theo” before, and has lost before.

But beyond this, it appears that his knowledge is very limited. To Weezel, he wrote:

“I fear that there are counter-agonothetai working as actively as we
are to prevent synchronization of the multiverse. But why? And how? Who are they, and where do they come from? How long have they been working on their counter-mission?

As strange as this may sound, I believe that to defeat them, we may need to work with them. Know thy enemy. I am hoping to learn the counter-agonothetai are, and how they might have been able to persuade agonothetai to join forces with them on their counter-mission...

If you were skeptical of the allies' missions to synchronize the multiverse, how would you attack it? What hard questions would you ask? What assumptions could be faulted in our desire to find the lost ring and restore the multiverse olympiad?”

It seems that amaretto01 provided one such option, as seen by his reply to her:

“While I still believe that a new Pangaea would wreak global devastation, purely as a inevitable consequence of geographic upheaval, I can imagine that geoglobal politics would be transformed as well. Perhaps for the better, at least for those who survived.

Thank you for raising an interesting possibility. In fact, now as I ponder it, I wonder if perhaps you have shown me a truth I have been looking for. A motivation I had missed. Well. I am most grateful to you.”

Apologies for repeating all this stuff, which has been posted before, but I feel it is necessary to revisit it. Let’s face it, the six amnesiacs have no idea why they’re really here. They think it’s to recover the codex and do good, but really they could have had their memories wiped and been sent to destroy this world. I’m not suggesting this is the case, simply that they cannot truly know themselves.

The one person who appears to know anything is going in search of a group of others who know more than he does. A group who seem bent on stopping this process of recovering the codex and reviving the Lost Sport, and have “won” in this effort before. Reading Eli Hunt’s response to armaretto above, I can’t help but think he too may be in the midst of reconsidering his position.

Like Eli, we too must go in search of the one group who can shed light on this process we have been roped into, the group who have stopped it happening in the past. We must seek out Theo. Mr Hunt went to South America to this end, where must we go? Personally, I don't think the current fad of suspecting those we already know will help us in the end, but will keep us from being productive for a while.

What do others think? How can we find those with the knowledge?
  • The following message was hidden inside:

[edit] Theo Missions

[edit] Comic

  • Sucessful teams of the first mission received an email with an attached image of an comic:
  • Inside the comic the following words are underlined
    • Try to
    • cause
    • follow 7 circuits (written - not underlined)
    • The up down
    • no no start to weave
  • Additional letters are written
  • Using a 7 circuit labyrinth they read:
  • which led to a new Omphaputer command: BAETYLUSDILOO/OMPHALABYRINTH

[edit] Emails

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