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// MeiHui via Email to blaqueice (Mar 4/08)
I am sorry I am late. busy work here!

more diary here~~

我呆呆地站在那儿不知道站了多久。我想到头皮都要发麻了,但是还是想不出来我到底在哪里,倒底怎么会从一个迷宫里醒过来。我实在非常不解。而且最令我难以置信的是,我站在那里好久,但是竟然没有人注意到我。咳…大概我长得不够漂亮吧 … 呜… 我只好擦擦眼泪,抬头挺胸的往前走。^o^ 走到最后终于看到一个长椅子。我坐了下来,绞尽脑汁,还是没办法了解为什么脑子还是一片空白。






(translation by flipthefrog)
I stood there dumbstruck for I don't know how long. Whenever I think about it, all my hair stood on end, but I still couldn't remember where I really was, or why I woke up in a labyrinth. I just couldn't understand. Furthermore, the thing that was most incredible to me was, I stood there for a long time, but, unexpectedly, nobody payed any attention to me. Sigh... Probably I'm not pretty enough... Hmm... The only thing to do is to wipe my tears, raise my head up and walk forward with a steady heart. ^o^ At the end of the path I eventually saw a bench. I sat down, wracked my brains, but I still had no way to understand why my mind was still a complete blank.

As I was sitting there like "The Thinker," there was a little boy, probably 10 years old, and at his heels was a huge, sinister-looking dog. The boy walked up, and asked whether I needed any help. Maybe he thought me sitting there alone was pathetic. The words hadn't even left his mouth and that evil dog slowly appeared from behind him. I'm not joking, if that dog stood on his hind legs, it probably would have been taller than me. Rail-thin, black as night...

It stared at me, and the more it stared, the louder and deeper it growled at me. It seemed as if I heard that little boy say to me, "You don't need to be afraid of him, just sit there quietly, and in a little bit he'll stop growling." I stood up from the bench, and slowly... slowly turned around, and then suddenly beat feet and escaped! Furthermore, the thing I don't dare believe is that that dog unexpectedly got up and started chasing me. That little kid should think of a way to keep that evil dog under control, but it's probably futile.

I ran, and ran... I wanted to lose that dog. I ran and thought of how I could get rid of it. I zigzagged constantly, looking for a place to hide, and the result was truly startling. The evil dog had no way to catch up, and had to slowly give up. The second I saw its attention wandering, I immediately slipped away!

I ran towards the exit non-stop. The weird thing is, I suddenly couldn't get tired or want to stop and rest at all. Furthermore, the more running energy I got, the better I felt. Seems as if running doesn't only help me to escape from danger, but also makes me feel like a tiger with wings. I feel really free!
Part 1 of her diary can be found here
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