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==== Oath Taken ==== ==== Oath Taken ====
*Khaos : [ YouTube] *Khaos : [ YouTube]
-*June : [ YouTube]+*June : [ YouTube] & Kieran : [ YouTube]
*Runeix : Taken but not made public *Runeix : Taken but not made public
*MauroKing : [ YouTube] *MauroKing : [ YouTube]

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Theo Mission Teams

  • Theo posted a hidden message on History of antiquity that people who want to join them, should partner up in teams with two people living in a large disctance to each other.

First Mission: Uninitiation

  • Theo Mission Teams received an email with the following instruction:
    • 1 - choose a location
    • 2 - choose an unusual task for your partner
    • 3 - send your location and your partner task to theo
    • 4 - theo approve
    • 5 - send your partner task to your partner (NOT the location)
    • 6 - Wait for your partner to do the same
    • 7 - Follow your partner instruction.
    • 8 - When done, mail theo any pic/video you got.

Sucessful teams received another [email] with a comic attached.

RiotGrrl / MauroKing (mission completed)

  • RiotGrrl
    • Location: Men's Bathroom at university
    • Task: To read a pledge of allegiance to Theo composed by Mauro in Spanish
    • Proof: YouTube
  • Mauro
    • Location: Construction site near school
    • Task: To read Shakepeare's 18th Sonnet backwards
    • Proof: YouTube

elite.fencer / AUZ505

  • elite.fencer
    • Location:
    • Task: Draw with your finger a map of Neopangae into sugar poured on a table
    • Proof:
  • AUZ505
    • Location: old city wall of Augsburg
    • Task: Go to the woods and find some small twigs or sticks. Arrange them so that it forms your name
    • Proof: picture, picture

Khaos / Runeix (mission completed)

  • Khaos
    • location: a lake near my home
    • task: reciting the Australian National Anthem written backward on a paper
    • proof: Youtube

Kieran / June (mission completed)

  • Kieran:
    • location: historical park Philadelphia
    • task: sing "If I only had a Heart", from the musical "The Wizard of Oz"
    • proof: Youtube
  • June:
    • location: Central Park in Wellington
    • task: hug every tree in sight
    • proof: Video

Soda / Max_Vulpius (mission completed)

  • Soda:
    • Location: Parklot of a store
    • Task:
1) Buy a package of cookies.
2) Use a thick black felt-pen to turn the backs of your feet into self-portraits of your face.
3) Use your feet (and only your feet!) to arrange the cookies to spell the word THEO.
4) Take a foto of your feet and the cookie word.
5) Eat one cookie from each letter.
  • Max_Vulpius
    • Location:A playground for children
    • Task: Find a pink tutu wear it and sing, "I'm a Little Tea Pot"
    • Proof:

lehall / momonga

  • lehall:
    • Location: construction site
    • Task:
"Plant Transplant--This task is about giving new life to objects that would otherwise no longer be seen or used and disrupting the routine and environments of both the task partner and the target.
1. Create a flower out of a couple of supplies found in your house, items that are old and tucked away somewhere to be forgotten.
2. Write a secret onto a small piece of paper and attach it somewhere on the flower, like the stem.
3. Take the flower to a house out of your way and plant it in the middle of a bed of flowers where it will be seen, a symbol of permanence among the transient."
  • momonga:
    • Location:
    • Task:
    • Proof:

Soso / dreamerblue

  • Soso:
    • Location:
    • Task: create a "volcano" using modeling clay and a cup, then make it "erupt" using household chemicals (mainly baking soda & vinegar, nothing dangerous), and do a hula dance beside it
    • Proof:
  • dreamerblue:
    • Location: The Bata Shoe Museum
    • Task: Build a sculpture of the Olympic rings, using the correct colours. Make a video.
    • Proof:

Cineball / JorgeGuberte

  • Cineball:
    • Location: In front of college science building.
    • Task: Make a sign out of cardboard, or some simmilar material. On one of the sides, write "TheO is online.", and on the other side write "Are you in?". Put the sign up as if it was a msn/gtalk or any other IM service popup. Do it a few times.
    • Proof:
  • JorgeGuberte:
    • Location: / Ibirapuera Mall
    • Task: Wear a shirt or a jacket with a collar, print out a picture of the San Francisco skyline and pop up the collar, hold up the picture and sing "I Left my Heart in San Francisco".
    • Proof:

Ariock / Canzonett

  • Ariock
    • Location:
    • Task:
    • Proof:
  • Canzonett
    • Location:
    • Task:
    • Proof:

Second Mission: Theo's Oath

After some time, when both partners have completed their first mission, they receive another mail from Theo including the next mission : videotape Theo's Oath.

I am a member of The Opposition.

We play a different game.
We know that when one world is saved, another must perish.

We will not accept victory in this world if it means dooming another world.
It is our moral duty to choose the difficult path, the path that never ends.

We will actively forestall the outcome as long as possible.
We oppose the agonothetai, but we also help them when necessary.

All must hang in the balance.

And if an outcome is decided, we choose to sacrifice ourselves.
It is the most moral action in the multiverse. To allow another branch to flourish.

It is not ethical to doom another world simply so we in this world can survive.

As one ring of counter-athletes we celebrate the spirit of competition,
for the glory of all the worlds.

Oath Taken

La Sekto

  • The name given the initial group of people playing under-cover as Theo members, in order to get inside information.
  • Eventually some began performing the necessary actions to truly become Theo (see above).
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