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I am dreamerblue on unfiction as well as Ariadne's/Alex's official in-game forum.

My ancient strength is Sofia.

I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Find the Lost Ring is my first ARG.

Offline FtLR events I have participated in: - helped to recover the chapter of the Codex that was hidden in Toronto - helped to tie the Toronto Earth-omphalos knot - tied the Montreal Earth-omphalos knot - performed a TheO desynchronization mission by going to the Bata Shoe Museum and creating a wearable sculpture of the Olympic rings - solo event (not yet documented or submitted): walked a personal labyrinth at the Toronto Public Labyrinth.

If there is something else you would like to know, feel free to send me a personal message on unfiction or through the game's in-game forum system.

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