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Amateur idea stolen from Wikipedia which allows contributors to be thanked for doing something special for the Wiki. I thought we needed a little bit of that. Plus, I needed an excuse to learn how to make a template. (Also, let's not get award-happy here :) it's a nice addition, but it really is secondary, of course)

style = How you want to style your box. Maybe as I expand on this idea, I can come up with some standard styles for different kids of contributions.
image = What image to use for the award
awardmonth = What month/year are you given this award for. Defaults to current month/year
givenby = Your username
givenbydisplay = How you want your name displayed
givenby2 = Your username (for the second person)
givenby2display = How you want your name displayed (for the second person)
message = Any additional message or text you wish to leave

Thank You For Your Hard Work

February 2020

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