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[edit] 久违了,中国的朋友们~ // ??The long-hoped that China's friends ~?? (link)

[edit] July 8
真是感谢大家热情的参与,虽然才几个星期,但是我已经可以感觉到我们中国的朋友浅能无穷。如果你对这整件任务还有许多不了解的地方,麻烦你到我的博客的最前头,花一点时间把所有的文章读一读,之后再到我们的历史学家 Eli Hunt 的 网页把他所登的纪录片看一看。这样你就会成为"遗失圆环"的专家了! 如果还有问题,你可以到我的论坛上刊登你的问题,或是email给我:
接下来呢,我有一些正事需要交代一下。米良在我的论坛上有提到接下来会有迷宫训练营的活动。我们在八月24号的多层宇宙奥运将会派出六队的运动员,世界六大洲,一洲一队。谁会是代表亚洲参加这个多层宇宙的奥运呢?当然是表现最好,速度最快的队伍囉!到目前为止日本和新加坡的队伍表现的都很好。所以我非常鼓励大家多多组织这些训练营,多多练习。这样我们才能打破记录,成为亚洲的代表队!而当你们该使有运动员的记录后,要记得email给我(和 Ariadne(这样我们才能有对的安排。

You can not understand my feelings! This several months of waiting, this day has finally come! ! You do not know and could not speak Putonghua athletes to communicate how difficult it is a matter! But the past is no longer, from now on we have to work together, in the remaining few weeks of a miracle! !
Thank you for the enthusiasm is really involved in, although only a few weeks, but I can already feel that our Chinese friends can be shallow infinite. If you have the whole task many do not understand, please come to my blog the most ahead, spend a little time to read all the articles, then after our historian Eli Hunt of the page He received the documentary look at. This way you will become a "missing ring" of experts! If there are problems, you can go to my group published on your question, or email to me: @
Next it, I have some Zhengshi need to explain. M-I have mentioned that the forum will be the next maze training camp activities. We in the August 24 multi-storey universe Olympic team will send six athletes in the world on six continents, a team of Cheung Chau. Who will represent Asia to participate in the multi-universe of the Olympic Games? » Of course, is the best performance, the fastest team La! So far Japan and Singapore are very good team performance. Therefore, I strongly encourage all organizations lot of these training camps, a lot of practice. So that we can break the record, as Asia's representative teams! And when you have the athletes to the records, to remember that email to me ( @ and Ariadne ( so that we can have on the arrangement.
Kai is also available in nearly 40 of tracksticks! Therefore, we have a good refueling, the city quickly to design the maze. And we have been active in preparing to go to Beijing, while Eli has been looking for a suitable place for the final maze activities. So we find them lost quickly in the ring, perhaps because these will ring for the final place may also provide some clues.
Refueling! :-)
Your Meihui ~

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