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// Larissa via Forum (Mar 19/08)
In response to questions about Renata from riquardo:
(original text)

Hi Riquardo, how's everything? Sorry I was gone, but I was sick and couldn't do anything. My location is wrong, yes, I think Kai (or his group) got confused [in reference to the comment saying her location was Portugal - it's in fact Sao Paulo, Brazil]. To be honest, I'm not very "smart" to all that technology! hehehe. But I'm trying... for the good of Renata, and now I believe that it's for the well being of all of us. Renata spoke portuguese. I never noticed any accent or anything like that. She wore the necklace all the time, never took it off. But I must confess that Renata, in the last few months, spent a lot of time alone. I never was suspicious of anything, but now I understand I should've been more alert! I think she researched all kinds of places. I remember seing some books of brazillian geography, and others not unusual. I never asked Eli if Renata was one of the people he met a few years back, also because Renata didn't have a passport, and she wouldn't be able to get out Brazil.

I didn't find the postcards she wrote, I'm searching my notebooks page by page to see if Renata wrote anything on them.

Don't worry, if I remember anything I will talk to you immediately.
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