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// Eli Hunt via Email to FMG (Mar 16/08)
In response to:
an email from FMG about the artifact Ariadne found in Cardiff.
Dear FMG,

I am impressed with how quickly you and your friends have recovered the first two chapters of the Lost Ring Codex.
I am impressed with how quickly you and your friends have mastered the commands in our little "House of Salomon". How quickly you have recovered the first two chapters of the Lost Ring Codex!
variant (re:Monica's postcard):
What a startling find! I very much want to discuss the origins of this postcard with you more, but I hope you will allow me to set the subject aside momentarily to discuss a more urgent matter.

I have been waiting a very long time to read the second set of pages. As I look upon them now, I am filled with wonder... and gratitude to you, for sharing them with me.

But I am also filled with trepidation.

By now, you certainly will have guessed that it is no coincidence that I have settled here in Cardiff, where the first chapter was found.

The existence of the Lost Ring Codex is no surprise to me. In fact, as you may have already surmised, my research for The Lost Games has been guided for years by what I was able to glean from that first chapter.

But I did not want to collect the other chapters… not after what I saw.

The visions described in the first chapter, the visions that tormented Micha… I have seen the same things. I saw them when I went into the labyrinth, back when the agonothetai were not numbered as 696, but rather 695... [in an email to Hikaro: a group I see you know something of already, having met Renata... ]

The visions felt more like memories. They were memories of a different version of my own life, a life in which my actions had consequences I could not bear.

It is hard to explain in words. I never suffered from amnesia, as our friends Ariadne, Diego, Markus, Noriko, Meihui, and Lucie do. But I think I must know what it would be like to wake up from amnesia. I think I know what it is like to suddenly remember your own past, a past you had no idea belonged to you. A past you desperately wish didn't belong to you, a past you wish you could erase even as you have no idea how you created it...

Well, it may be too late to slow your momentum. And I fear the time has passed to ask you all to guard the secret with me.

But perhaps the Ancient Greeks had it right. Perhaps the best place to hide the truth is in plain sight. After all, who will take us seriously as we chase our urban legends online? The Internet is full of such legends…. Who will mind us as we craft our own?

So perhaps 2008 is the year the recovery will finally happen. The year of the agonothetia696. Are they really the ones who can help our world remember who we are?

Sincerely yours,

Eli Hunt

P.S. Many of you have expressed interest in the origins of Below, I share with you something I found years ago in the national library in Athens. If you and your friends are truly meant to be a part of this mission, then I am certain that together you will be able to understand these notes. If not, then perhaps we are not fated to be allies…

[edit] Notes
Contents being document in the Omphaputer's Origin
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