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Chapter 18: The Oath
(translation by Retzglaran)
On every world which celebrates the Multiversal Olympiad, the agonothetai recite the following oath at the opening ceremonies:

Of course, in some worlds this is a public ceremony - in others, a secret ceremony.

You must learn that oath, and teach it to your own agonothetai.

All of the parallel worlds are equally real.

But one is the original world, the world from which history was born, the world from which is the source of all assembled knowledge.

The original world is the true unique omphaloi, the navel of reality itself.

There the Oracle of Delphi first acquired vision.

There the Oracle of Delphi brought about the first who saw the many, the first who saw the six, the first who witnessed the bloodshed. ("... witnessed the change"?)

We will protect the one true omphaloi against the change, by means of the glory of our sport, and the honor of our teams.

We convene in the spirit of unity. We rescued the one to save the many.

As one circle of athletes we celebrate the world, for the celebration of all the worlds.

Proof of recovery: 8IXW/2M00/GDPN/ZTU5/JK24

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