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Chapter 16: Athletic Alignment (2/2)
(translation by Chid12)
In this moment of athletic co-ordination, the parallel selves across very different worlds would be in precisely the same place. And suppose, that you close your eyes and that be sufficiently conscious about small pulls, small strengths (forces) which you could feel where your body and mind were coordinated, across universes, with the most points of relation (correlation)! And let us suppose that with tiny moves, you could coordinate yourself with other yous.

Two things would happen.

One is, that your body would be a bridge, powerfully directing strengths (forces) out of one world to another, changing the topology of the multiverse, seaming universes there.

The other is – if you were extremely precise about the place of your body, position and moves, your mind would experience a miniature version of the natural synchronisation of the worlds, co-ordinating with another copy of you yourself. Memories, thoughts, ideas could jump across the crack, so that your mind would travel from one you to the other.

During that moment of physical co-ordination, your own brain would act how the omphaloi communicates across the many worlds, while creating a navel (umbilicus) which draws together the worlds.

You would open your eyes and suddenly there would be at least one less world in the multiverse –but without any kind of destruction, without any kind of change. Through take care of an (Through this carefully) orchestrated merger, smaller, more secure number of simultaneous worlds co-exist. Reality would remain inside from its upper limit – at least for now.

And you would suddenly have memories of another world.

Athletic co-ordination is that with which we recovered our memories, and how you will recover yours. It is also how we intend to keep this world safe for now.

Pruvo de Rehavigo: 5474/WAS8/541S/9424/50MJ

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