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* Is Eli Hunt will come to maze of May 10? 2008-04-30T12:38:28 from web * Is Eli Hunt will come to maze of May 10? 2008-04-30T12:38:28 from web
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Diego "Perdido"

Diego is another individual with amnesia and the same strange tattoo.

Given Name: Diego Malabar "Perdido" (Perdido is spanish for 'Lost')
Woke up in: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Websites: Findthelostring.com/Diego (link)

Hi5 profile / Youtube profile / Flickr profile / dotSUB profile

Email Address: malabar.diego@gmail.com
Language: Spanish (ref)
Stats: Male, 26, 5.9" 180 lbs, Birthday(?) Feb 12
Was Wearing: black joggings, white T-shirt, black blindfold
Word from vision: Mythopoeia (story telling)
Ancient Strength: Mythopoeia


Youtube Profile

¿Me conocen? / Do you know me?
(translation (blog entry))
Diego - ejercicios // Diego - exercises
(translation (blog entry))
Summary: He begins with some juggling. As he talks, he shows that he has put numbers on the ground 1-5 and shows a pattern of a circle, then shows a pattern of a star with the numbers. Then he writes mythopoeia696 on the ground in chalk.
el "secret site" de Eli Hunt // the "secret site" of Eli Hunt


Codex del Anillo Perdido // Codex of the Lost Ring
(translation (blog entry))
La Misión // The Mission
(translation (blog entry))
¿Quién es Theo? // Who is Theo
(translation (blog entry))
Video del entrenamiento en laberinto // Video of the labyrinth training
(translation (blog entry))

Hi5 Profile

(2008/02/27) El estado se cambió a perdido
The status was changed to missing
(2008/03/04) The status was changed to ¡ no estoy solo !
The status was changed to I'm not alone!
(2008/03/05) Status was changed to 6!
(2008/03/05) Status was changed to ¡6! ¿Alguien más?
Status was changed to 6! Anyone else?
Photo Albums

Diego in front of a iron bar fence: (link)

Tengo amnesia, ¿me reconoces? ¿me has visto alguna vez?

I have amnesia, do you recognize me? have you ever seen me?

The Tattoo (link)

"trovu la ringon perditan" ¿Alguien vio este tatuaje alguna vez? ¿Alguien tiene idea del significado de trovu la ringon perditan?

"trovu ringon perditan" Has anyone ever seen this tattoo? Does somebody have an idea of the meaning of trovu la ringon perditan?

Diego in the labyrinth (link)

El laberinto donde desperté, en la localidad de Don Torcuato

The labyrinth where I woke up in the locality of Don Torcuato

Diego in the labyrinth (link)

Aquí es donde desperté, con los ojos vendados, sin saber nada de mi pasado

Here it is where I woke up, with the bandaged eyes, without knowing nothing of my past

Diego in front of the gray graffiti'd wall. (link)

1.81m, 82kg, pelo castaño, ojos marrones

1.81m, 82kg, brown hair, brown eyes
(5.9 feet) (180.7 lb)

Diego on the curb. (link)

(english caption)
I understand and speak some english. Do you recognize me? I have amnesia

Chalk drawing on road. (link)

Uno de mis dibujos

One of my drawings

The money is Argentinian. (link)

Cada vez que paro un rato a descansar, garabateo el mismo dibujo

Each time I stop and rest, I scribble the same drawing.

The envelope is Argentinian. (link)

No puedo dejar de dibujarlo en todos lados

I just can't stop drawing it everywhere
Postmarked Dec. 21, 2007
http://www.arauca.com.ar/Arauca_Bit/ (government site)

Communication With




(profile link)

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