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[edit] Ariadne's Blog

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[edit] The city labyrinth - a clue from the Original 6? (link)

[edit] April 29, 5:54pm
I have an idea.

Do you remember the old map of Philadelphia that Monica found among her uncle's old things? The one that had a giant labyrinth designed on top of the city center?
Here's my idea. I think that map was part of the original 6's attempts to build an omphalos out of the earth. Just like chapter 23 of the codex tells us to do.
Check it out. The map is labeled node #16. As in, 16 out of 27?
Were the original six working their way around the world, hiding the 27 artifacts and building 27 giant labyrinths in order to transform the earth into an omphalos?
Think about what Chapter 23 tells us:
"You should also take note that neither ordinary omphalos and neither ordinary labyrinths are able to support what is necessary for multiversal travel."
"You have to create at least 27 labyrinths of the same scale of the passage."
I wonder if the artifact in Brest will explain more about what these cryptic statements really mean. I hope so. If we can find out just a little more about how to do giant labyrinths, we can start activating the world for multiverse travel.
Now don't get me wrong. I'm not going to try to turn the world into an omphalos so I can get the heck out of here. I know. We have a mission to accomplish. The 6 of us who traveled here, we have a duty to the multiverse. Revive the lost sport, synchronize the worlds through athletic games, kick Eli Hunt's ass a little (just kidding).
But if we can save the worlds AND go home, then you better believe that's what going to happen. It just has to.
Now, I don't know if we're going to find 26 other maps like the Philadelphia one... I think we need to be prepared to design our own. But in which cities? Does it matter where the 27 knots are?
Maybe the Brest artifact will tell us more... or maybe the omphaputer will guide us when we've shown that we're ready to "Make the omph knot"?

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