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[edit] 古代の強さ(Strength)を、あなたの中に見出すテスト!(A test that reveals inside of you, an ancient strength!) (link)

[edit] March 22, 2008


最初に見つかったアーティファクト(史書?)に含まれていたパーソナリティテスト、是非受けてください!あなたの強さが分かります。この強さ(Strength)は、失われた競技をするには不可欠の属性だったようですが、私達皆それぞれ、この6つの強さの中の一つ(かそれ以上)を持ち合わせているようです。皆の強さが分かれば、それぞれの得意な事が分かって、この大きな謎だらけのミッションも、協力しあってまとめやすくなるんじゃないかな、と期待してます(o^-^o) お手伝いをしてくれそうなお友達にも、是非このテスト薦めてみて下さいね☆

ここ ( で、Vladさんがスレッドを打ち立ててくれているので、皆さんのテストの結果(強さ)を報告しあいましょう!(^-^*)(私の強さは何だと思います?ってお分かりですよね。。。はい、Sophrosuneでした。。。(^。^;)

(translation by rupaZer0)
This is a status report. The website that Mr Hunt told me about that from the start was a complete mystery. It tells you where documents called artifacts are hidden. When you use the omphalos code with this clue you know where documents are hidden by means of kinpoints (?). They are hidden all over the world, but now, thankyou, thanks to you, the documents are being found in Asia, Australia, Europe, and America. These documents are part of an old manuscript called the Lost Ring Codex, written in Esperanto. The contents of the old manuscript are about things such as the Lost Sport of Olympia, how this was played, and the requirements of how to be a good gamekeeper, or rather, agonothetai. Furthermore, in order to discover what has been lost, various keys have been hidden. The first document to be discovered is a so-called Personality Test. When you take this test, you come to understand you specific purpose. What is meant by role is for the lost game everyone inidividually one by one at the very least has one ability hidden inside themselves. This test is even available in Japanese, so please take it, understand your own purpose, and our mission will be more efficient, and I will be very grateful. The test is very simple, and it makes its discovery based on what written things you choose. I've put the test on my homepage, so write in, that is to say, please certainly write here what secrets you discover that you have. My purpose is, 'Sophrosune.' I knew which purpose you thought I had, and when I knew how much you helped me, I think various things were hot-fingered (?). If you're interested in what my friends got, please certainly try to guess. Thanks!
chapter3 ring lost perditan noriko trovu アーティファクト 刺青 ringon labyrinth 記憶喪失 迷宮 ラビリンス のりこ 刺青 amnesia のりこ the personality amnesia codex 記憶喪失 la コデックス

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